Teaching in a Primary School Young African Women Support Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
This program allows you to support young women, living in a local womens shelter, through further education, business development support and empowerment.
Childcare and Community Development Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
Working with a local pre-primary school, the Child Care programs offer volunteers the opportunity to work with children supporting their development.
Community Health Development Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
The community health development program is for those working in the healthcare sector and are looking to contribute to health-based education and awareness.
Teaching in a Primary School Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
A small primary school with great values and amazing staff looking for volunteers to help them teach young children, the future of Tanzania.
Sports Assistant Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
Improve the future prospects by volunteering and assist the local children from underprivileged communities to develop their love for sport.
Animal Welfare and Rescue Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
This program is all about Animal Rescue through an animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue and welfare of dogs and other street animals.

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Project Details

Fursa Tanzania Projects seek to provide communities with education about sustainable solutions to their problems through the work of experienced volunteers.

The word "fursa" means "possibility" in Swahili and that is exactly what we wish to accomplish with these projects - to create possibilities for communities and individuals to grow and develop in order to create a better future. We seek to provide communities with education about sustainable solutions to their problems instead of fast and easy solutions. How do we plan to do that? By continues education provides by experienced individuals with knowledge and specific education to a certain field. And this is where we need you!

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. We are searching for strong individuals, who wish to bring their knowledge and education and pass it on to communities and work places in Arusha, Tanzania. We believe that this education and sharing of knowledge is the way to solve many of the problems, the developing countries in the 21st century are facing. But we need you to help us with it.

Fursa Tanzania projects emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community. Having seen the bad effects of "voluntourism" many of the volunteering platforms create, we wished to find more sustainable projects, where the impacts will last and not just be forgotten with the next arriving volunteers. We wish to create platforms specifically for volunteers with the appropriate skills and this way ensure that the volunteers will be in surroundings where they feel safe and have an expertise. Look through our projects and see if we have one, that fits you. They get updated regularly, so don't worry if you don't find the one, you were looking for.  

Established in 2017, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas and bold actions. Help us break the circle of "voluntourism" and projects who are ruining communities and families instead of keeping them together.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Jackson Mboje
Jackson Mboje
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

As our main idea is to create projects that provides communities with sustainable solutions, we here in Fursa hope and pray that our projects will help improve the lives of the people, the projects concern - both regarding education and health. We thrive to work with projects run by genuine people, who are also seeking improvement.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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