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Nkonzo Wildlife is a unique company that focuses on regional conservation and strengthening the relationship between conservationists and the general public.

Nkonzo Wildlife is based in the southern region of South Africa in the Cape Floristic Region, a biodiversity hotspot and the most diverse floral kingdom in the world. Research focuses on regional conservation management, behavioral ecology, and human-wildlife coexistence. Visit our various pages to learn about participating in our research or contact us if interested in undertaking your own research.​

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Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall
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Taking pride in ethical operations Nkonzo Wildlife holds that animals have a right to exist independently of humans and only supports organizations and individuals that meet our standard of operations. Nkonzo Wildlife does not support, condone, or associate with operations, organizations, or companies that promote or sell unethical activities or any activity done at the animal’s expense. This includes hunting of captive animals, animal interactions, or the use of captive wildlife for human entertainment or sport. Nkonzo Wildlife stands united against canned lion hunting, predator interactions, elephant walks/rides, and circuses.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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