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Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary

Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary

Equine Sanctuary Supporter Atajate, Spagna Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary
Join our team looking after the horses, improving the sanctuary and promoting equine welfare whilst working on your horsemanship skills with a project horse.
Sustainable Sanctuary Atajate, Spagna Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary
Learning from nature to implement techniques, creating an interesting and diverse landscape that is functionable and stimulating for human and horse.
Horse Sanctuary Group Experience Atajate, Spagna Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary
An opportunity for your group to be in the countryside and gain real experience with horses whilst helping with day-to-day sanctuary work such as building and maintanance

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Project Details

Our aim is to enlighten and educate horse owners and enthusiasts in natural horse care, helping horses in the local community and further afield.

Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary is in its infancy. After the need for a sudden move due to the horses losing their long-term home we are now working on improving the new pasture and facilities for both horse and human and rely on help from kind animal-lovers.

Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary, established in 2016, is a rescue sanctuary in Spain working to train horses naturally and educating people how to improve the way animals are cared for. The project is situated in a new location in the mountains and your help is essential to get it off the ground. Whether you would like to construct and be a part of our Paddock Enrichment Program or would like hands on with the horses, this is an opportunity to be involved in something special from the start

Time and Space offers volunteering and adventure opportunities to participants interested and inclined in helping horses. The sanctuary wishes to inspire more horse lovers and owners in different projects and programmes as well as workshops on how to take care of their horses. The sanctuary is striving to promote and raise awareness in maintaining a happy and healthy horse. They also inspire horse lovers to explore and share knowledge of horse behavior and welfare. 

We are an Educational Sanctuary that aims to educate and enlighten horse owners and enthusiast in caring for horses naturally and sympathetically. Based in Spain we see a lot of terrible cases of horses hobbled, left in stables 24/7 and ridden in the harsh serration bridle which often draws blood and leaves horses permanently scarred. We have spent the last six years working with and observing a free roaming herd in the mountains, which filled us with inspiration as to how we can recreate certain aspects in a more realistic and achievable setting for many people. 

At the  Sanctuary we use our own 7 horses (some young, old, rescues etc) as demonstration of key principles. Some of our horses take out trail ride customers to help fund the projects and programmes. At Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary we take elements from the roaming herd into the paddock; ride bitless and barefoot with understanding of the horses' nature, whilst striving for self improvement to better our practices, providing a good example and preventing local horses from becoming rescue cases.
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Clare Wilbraham
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Social Impact

Based in Spain, Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary witnesses poor horse care, even that of abuse.The Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary aims to educate horse owners in the true needs of a healthy horse, socially, physically and mentally. Which in turn helps to create a new generation of horsemanship practices, that are integral for a happy and healthy horse.

Time and Space Equine Education Sanctuary's Aim
  • Inspire horse lovers and owners through open days, working student, project partnership programs and workshops
  • To train our herd as naturally and with as much understanding as possible progressing each horse within his needs and individual character 
  • Promote good horse care by creating an enriched environment for our own herd
  • Raise awareness of the requirements for a happy, healthy, emotionally and physically well-balanced horse.
  • Be in a position to work with owners and their horses to explore and share knowledge of horse behaviour and welfare.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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