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Building Community through teaching English, exchanging cultures and giving charity with VCV Vietnam.

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Founded in 2014, VCV is a Non-profit organization for educational development, cultural exchange, and charity based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

About Us:
We are a Non-profit organization for educational development, cultural exchange and tourism based in Vietnam, specializing in helping our students with their education, training and skills development and international co-operation. 

Our Aim:
We believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development, therefore our aim is to create an open and fair learning environment for all our participants to learn. At many universities in Vietnam, students learn a lot of English grammar but rarely are they taught to correctly speak and converse in English. Once they graduate, then, they have difficulties finding employment in the best paying jobs, which often require these English language skills. 

We aim to give our students the best chance possible to improve their speaking skills, to find a good job and improve their overall well-being. 

Who are our students?
Within the communities, we operate to do so without any regard for the economic status or background of the students. As such, we offer some free and subsidized classes in order to welcome students from disadvantaged backgrounds; as well as, providing classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English.

Where you fit in:
Along with our students, the most important part of our organization is our volunteers. We recognise that they are an integral element in providing an environment that supports the educational and cultural development of our students. 

We will provide you with a good quality of life during your stay in Viet Nam. Our staff will be on hand to provide you with a tidy space to live and work, and offer you all sorts of authentic Vietnamese meals throughout the day, 

Along with our students, they enjoy helping our volunteers anytime and are more than happy to become your tour guide.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Haylee Luyen
Haylee Luyen
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Social Impact

VCV's mission is to build a sustainable community through cultural exchanges and improved education for all; especially for the disadvantaged, young people and women. This is unlike many other English centers where the focus is strictly on teaching English, VCV allows everyone involved to gain more confidence, creativity, and skills through social activities that we do. VCV does this by providing non-profit classes and free activities for everyone who doesn’t have the chance to learn English in the more expensive centers.

We are humbled by the fact that since opening in 2014, we have hosted over a hundred volunteers per year as well as helped over a thousand students to improve their English skills through English education and cultural exchange. We are proud of the positive impact that we have made in the community. We are excited to continue enhancing the lives of both the volunteers and the students who participate!

We strive to make English language education available to all students without regard for their economic status or background. Additionally, we provide classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English. All of our students are people of varying ages who love English and cultural exchanges.

They include toddlers who are very cute but are shy and lacking in confidence. There are also high school and university students who are full of enthusiasm but who have to be encouraged to develop their confidence and aim high with their English. And there are also adults, who work for large companies or organizations, and are eager to improve their listening and speaking skills to enhance their work opportunities. Lastly, we have single/expecting mothers. The fact that they are women is disadvantageous in our male-dominated society. Enhancing their English skills will allow them more opportunities to get a new job after a long time off to care for their baby at home. 


Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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