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Punti Salienti

  • Empower young minds to communicate effectively in English through engaging teaching methods
  • Create a fun and playful learning environment that motivates children to express themselves
  • Explore innovative approaches to education through interactive activities and experiential learning
  • Foster confidence and personal growth by embracing new challenges and expanding horizons
  • Inspire and be inspired as you embark on a transformative journey of mutual growth

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Età 18+

Sul programma

Help teach children English through different activities including sport, cultural and artistic projects.

Background Information

We moved to France 16 years ago and learnt French by integrating into the local community. Since our arrival we have had three children who are now bi-lingual. we realise how having two languages really can help with further education, travel and just enjoying music and film. ..

Sul programma

Background Information

We moved to France 16 years ago and learnt French by integrating into the local community. Since our arrival we have had three children who are now bi-lingual. we realise how having two languages really can help with further education, travel and just enjoying music and film. Being a teacher at the local primary school and college I see how limited the education system is. The children are taught the written language and have little opportunity to express orally. Unfortunately by the time someone leaves school at 18, they then lack the confidence to speak a foreign language.

The project

We felt we could make a difference using a very natural technique and by building a young persons self-confidence so that they feel comfortable having a go at anything, including using the English language. A couple of years ago we tried out our first language camp. It was a success and we now offer three weeks during the summer holidays. Children from the age of 6 to 16 come to us for a weeks holiday. Every day different activities are planned, from sculpture to treasure hunts, climbing trees to making musical instruments or theater sketches to dance routines.  The difference a week can make is enormous. The children leave feeling they can speak English without being criticized for their grammar or accent. The children stay in large teepees on our land, which is all part of the big adventure.

We Like to think of the camp as one big family. We are the parents, the volunteers are the big brothers and sisters and the children are the younger siblings.  As soon as the children arrive we great them like one of the family and treat them as such all week. (Quite often there are tears at the end of the week, which is heart warming).

Volunteer Work

Our volunteers and ourselves work (play) with the children. We encourage, laugh, play, eat, run and do activities with them. If a volunteer has a particular forte then they might like to share it, (we've had artists, magicians, kung-fu experts and circus trainers all share with the children). This means that one week and year is never the same as another. Which is important to us because it helps the camp stay diverse and exciting, especially to those youngsters that come back year after year.

However there is no special training required. English must be your first language, for perfect communication, and enjoy being an active part of the team. It is not obligatory for any volunteer to join in with every activity either. In fact we recommend that you take time out for yourselves to enjoy the area or just relax.  For this reason we set up a rota for all the team players. This is flexible and we try and accommodate everyone's wishes. We ask that you participate every day from Monday to Friday part time (morning or afternoon) for a few hours and that all the team is there to welcome guests and to say goodbye. There are two days off a week, although these may not be consecutive.

Giornata tipica

Those volunteers on the morning shift are asked to get up around 7.30 am to lay out the breakfast buffet. A rise and shine call is usually made around 7.30 - 8 am to the children. Everyone comes into the outdoor dining room to help themselves to a buffet style breakfast between 8 and 9am.  

Once ...

Giornata tipica

Those volunteers on the morning shift are asked to get up around 7.30 am to lay out the breakfast buffet. A rise and shine call is usually made around 7.30 - 8 am to the children. Everyone comes into the outdoor dining room to help themselves to a buffet style breakfast between 8 and 9am.  

Once everyone is dressed and ready (around 9 am) our day starts with small vocab games which help build team spirit, volunteers take it in turn each day to do the game. The morning may be a different activity to the afternoon or it might be a whole day out. Those on volunteer duty for the morning will stay on 'duty' until lunchtime, playing with the children or accompanying them on a walk etc. 

At midday we provide a hot meal. Then in the afternoon volunteers take over for the planned activity. During the day there are breaks for the volunteers to sit and have a drink or 10 minutes to themselves. 

The evening meal is again on site, and is a traditionally English meal. In the evening the children are given the option of joining in an activity (often provided by a volunteer) or they can enjoy 'downtime' and just relax. 

Twice a week we have a day out to an activity park where we split into small groups and take the role of supervision whilst everyone enjoys water skiing, luge, canoeing, zip lines, mountain biking, trampoline or mini golf. For these days we take a picnic lunch and eat at the park. Sometimes the children and volunteers have asked to prepare a meal - our menu is fairly flexible and can accommodate changes like this. If you have any creative ideas we'd love to hear them. From the first day we start preparing a little show, the content is up to the team (volunteers and children), for the parents on Saturday morning. This is an opportunity for the children to show how much they've grown and what they have learnt.

After the children have all left, we have a quick tidy up and then its time to relax with a barbecue around the pool. You are completely free until 4pm Sunday when the next group arrives. Tidy up task might be sweeping out the tents, cleaning the showers or washing bedding.

Attività del tempo libero

Although we require everyone to work most days, we do not require full time.  Either mornings or afternoons.  If a whole outing is planned then you will have a whole day off afterwards.  During your time off there is plenty to explore.  We live in a beautiful, rural area of France and have a car ...

Attività del tempo libero

Although we require everyone to work most days, we do not require full time.  Either mornings or afternoons.  If a whole outing is planned then you will have a whole day off afterwards.  During your time off there is plenty to explore.  We live in a beautiful, rural area of France and have a car and bicycles at your disposal if they're not being used.  We can help you plan visits or even come with you once the children have left on saturday morning.



Età minima: 18 anni

Per partecipare al programma è necessario avere almeno 18 anni alla data di inizio del programma. Potrebbero esserci delle esenzioni se si è in grado di fornire il permesso del proprio tutore legale o se si è accompagnati dai propri genitori.

Competenze linguistiche

È necessario parlare di Inglese (fluentemente)

Requisiti di formazione

Education / language / Childcare a livello University or College

Controllo dei precedenti penali


Documenti necessari

cv, vaccination record, photo, driving licence, covid pass, diplomas and haccp etc

Restrizioni sulla nazionalità

Nessuna restrizione. Gli aiuti da tutto il mondo sono benvenuti.

Altre competenze

The main attributes of a volunteer are to be self motivated, energetic, a team player and willing with perfect spoken english. The more children see you have fun the easier it is for them!

Impegno di tempo

Il vostro aiuto sarà richiesto lunedì, martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì e sabato

Servizi inclusi

Servizi inclusi

Servizi per Pamplemousse Sejours

Why do we ask for a fee? Because we are not a holiday camp for you....our association is profit free.  This means we do not take a salary for our involvement and neither do our volunteers.  It is hard work and we want to know that you are serious about participation.  We have had people turn up and then ask immediately for a few days off mid-week to visit spain, or say that they are too hot to participate but spend all day sunbathing, or refuse to pick up a broom or peel potatoes.....of course its not possible as once the camp starts we need everyone here so take turns in working with the children.  The fee that the children pay to come is mostly spent on them during their stay (and of course your involvement comes at quite a cost too, with entrance fees, participation costs as well as good food and transport etc).  What is left over we allocate to families that are not affluent and are serious about wanting their child to learn English.  They produce the required paperwork and the association can pay in part or in full the childs place.  Our camps are truley open to everyone.

If you participate, work as a full team member and engage with the children these costs will be reimboursed at the end of your visit.  We just like to make sure that you understand it is not a holiday for you but a very rewarding, satisfying and yes, exhausting, few weeks that will fill your memory banks with positivity for life!!  Come and be a part of these childrens learning, part of their education and help create something that they will remember for ever....

Prelievo dall'aeroporto a Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

We do ask that you contact us before booking flights to make sure we are available to pick you up, but as long as we are given enough notice and are available we can pick up from local airports. If not we will try our best to help arrange transport.


You will be staying with the other volunteers in a teepee. We are in the process of creating a holiday home for volunteers, but cant be sure yet whether it will be ready for this summer. There is a girls tent and a boys tent. Showers, sinks and toilets are on the camp site and shared with the children. If your accommodation is on the campsite we will provide mattresses and bedding, unless you prefer to bring your own. There is a photo of the type of teepee on the campsite, that children and volunteers stay in.

Cibo e Bevande

All food and drink during the camp is catered for. We all eat together in an outdoor canteen area. Because of cooking for so many people we are unable to cater for specific dietary needs - vegan are especially hard to incorporate. The meals are traditional English cuisine, pies, sausage and mash etc and puddings - of course! There are the occasional picnics too. Everyone takes turns in helping to serve and clear, with the children helping too. We do have a full time chef to cook the meals. In your application we ask you to mention any food allergies or foods you are unable to eat due to religious or health reasons...You MUST declare this as the menu planning and shopping are all done in advance of your arrival.

With a supermarket to hand if you fancy a chocolate eclair every morning (last year this actually happened) then you have to pay for this yourself.  We do run a tight budget for food but you most definitely won't go hungry!  If you go on any trips out on your time these are at your own expense.

Accesso a Internet

Accesso limitato al sito del progetto

Cosa NON è incluso?

Cosa NON è incluso?

Biglietti aerei

L'aeroporto più vicino è Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS) a Toulouse. Vi aiutiamo a trovare voli economici per Francia. TROVARE VOLI ECONOMICI

Assicurazione di viaggio

Andare all'estero è un'avventura ed è sempre meglio essere preparati. Malattia o infortunio improvviso, annullamento o furto: un'assicurazione di viaggio per Francia offre sicurezza ed è un vantaggio da avere. OTTENERE UN PREZZO


Se avete intenzione di fare volontariato a Francia dovete chiedere un parere medico prima di iniziare il vostro viaggio sociale. Controllare le vaccinazioni richieste per Francia. CHECKER PER I VACCINI

Dettagli all'arrivo

Arrival and departure is really up to yourselves.  We need our volunteers from the beginning of July to the first week in August.  We like to meet you a few days before camp kicks off so that you can feel of the place before children arrive and if you want to stay awhile after the camps to discover the area a little this can be arranged prior to your arrival.


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Tariffe del programma

4 settimane (soggiorno min.) 250€
5 settimane 275€
6 settimane (soggiorno max.) 300€
Tariffe medie 56€/settimana

Tariffe del programma

56€ tariffe settimanali 4 - 6 settimane Età 18 - 50+

Modalità di pagamento

Visa Master Card Maestro American Express PayPal



4 - 6 settimane


Il deposito serve semplicemente a prenotare il vostro posto di volontario. I pagamenti sono gestiti da PayPal, il nostro fornitore globale di fiducia. Se non avete un conto PayPal, potete pagare anche con carta di credito.

Pagamento Finale

Il pagamento finale sarà concordato con Pamplemousse Sejours durante il processo di candidatura. Le soluzioni più comuni sono il bonifico bancario o il pagamento in contanti presso la sede del progetto.

Incontra il tuo ospite

Pamplemousse Sejours

Eccezionale 4.9 rating (7 recensioni)

Non-profit - fondata nel 2015

Verificato da Volunteer World

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Sul progetto

We run language camps for French children of different ages to learn English. Learning the language through different activities and play helps build confidence.

Incontra il tuo ospite

Who we are: We moved to France 15 years ago.  We have three children of our own, Noah 18, Gabriel 15 and Poppy 11. We live in a very rural part of France, surrounded by hills, streams and woodland.  We moved to France for the sunshine and to secure a natural childhood for our children - one where playing in nature was a daily occurrence.  Phil is passionate about wood, although earns his living restoring old houses as a general builder, (his trade before moving to France). Sam is a teacher.  She teaches primary school level with gardening and cooking and secondary to college level with English.

What we do: Although we both work our interest in sharing knowledge and creating a place that can be used for and by anyone or any organization has become more dominant over the last few years. People visiting said how at ease they felt in the area and were able to relax int he natural surroundings. Seeing through her position as a teacher how children are taught English (dominantly as a written language) opened the idea of teaching children English as a spoken language. We learnt French through integrating into the local community and realized that if a language is adopted as a fun, interactive topic rather than book led its far easier and a lot more interesting!

Our vision:  For children to be able to put into practice what they've learnt in school and be encouraged to learn new vocabulary in a family based environment. Each day we run different activities. The activities might be sculpting in clay, face painting, windsurfing or canoeing, paintball or a treasure hunt. Whilst the child is occupied manually the language is absorbed naturally - much like a maternal language is learnt. We want children of any age from 6 to 16 to leave feeling that English is easy and that they can give it a go without being criticized.

Our goal: To make the English language accessible in a fun and enjoyable way.  To build a young persons confidence that they might be able to tackle any new project in the future with the building blocks that we give them.  That we risk nothing by having a go at something. English is becoming more and more a necessity in modern life - our goal is to create a place to spread the language by having fun with it. Language is a living thing, it opens doors and creates opportunities.  We want Pamplemousse Sejours to become synonymous with this concept.

Who are we looking for: We want people as passionate as ourselves about language and children.  People that see that learning whilst young is so much easier than as an adult.  We need helpers to help run the camps and activities with the children and to show them that English is fun!

Why choose us: Because you are a living example of someone using their English language skills to create a new opportunity for themselves.  You can share your experiences, your country and your language tips with children who are willing to absorb life.  Its rewarding for the child and for you.  You may learn new activities, experience cultural differences and live in a beautiful part of France for a few weeks.

7 recensioni · rating4.9

Iryna Dubko rating5

2023 at Supporter for Language Camp

It was really interesting experience! Friendly and cosy atmosphere and kind people! Thank you for wonderful time in France! I felt myself as at home. The Rileys took care of, helped. it was pleasure to communicate with ...
From the moment I arrived at the camp, I felt a strong sense of community -- The family are incredibly welcoming, generous and inspirational. The children’s energy and motivation to learn English was profound. Positivity radiated through the director, Sam, who supported each of us in our roles and ...
Elizabeth Lavoie rating5

2019 at Supporter for Language Camp

Working at Pamplemousse was hard work, but every moment was worth it. I grew in patience, endurance and maturity, while laughing and smiling nonstop. If you are the energetic, flexible and hardworking type, this experience will allow you to meet some wonderful people. The Riley family supported and ...
Ida Tolstrup rating5

2019 at Supporter for Language Camp

I was a volunteer at Pamplemousse Sejours in July 2019. My chores were to look after the children, entertain them and try to teach them about English and the English culture. It was very amusing to try to teach children English through games, especially since they had very different levels. The ...
Erdinc Candar rating4.2

2018 at Supporter for Language Camp

team work and happiness& learn with children you should try this experiments once and you will be lucky to meet with this family.. ı hope to see you again this lovely ...
Poppy Scott rating5

2018 at Supporter for Language Camp

To teach the english language through playing games and doint different activities for children of different nationality from the ages of 6 to 17. On a summer camp in the south of ...


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