Eco-Supporter Iporanga, Brazilië IPBio - Reserva Betary
The Eco-Volunteer role is a joint role between IPBio and Celine Release Center which contains a range of activities which are conducted in a group.
Bioluminescent Mushroom Field Researcher Iporanga, Brazilië IPBio - Reserva Betary
Searching for new species of bioluminescent mushrooms, photographing them and finding conditions for cultivation. 🔬
Animal Release Center: Eco-Supporter Iporanga, Brazilië FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine
Join our group of Eco-Volunteers and help out in various projects, ranging from creative projects to gardening and mammal monitoring.
Forest Inventory (Eco-Supporter) Iporanga, Brazilië IPBio - Reserva Betary
Conduct a tree inventory of the reserve to understand the species and check the well-being of our forest. Support in other activites as an Eco-Volunteer.
Restoring Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Rosário da Limeira, Brazilië Iracambi Research Center
Join us in one of the world's top biodiversity hotspots: Brazil's Atlantic Forest, to gain firsthand experience in biodiversity conservation and sustainability!
Amazon Survival Tour Guide Manaus, Brazilië Fronteering Travel
Learn Portuguese, Teach the staff English, educate the public about the importance to sustain the Amazon Jungle & assist as a guide in exciting overnight survival trips!
Animal Release Center: Reserve Maintenance Iporanga, Brazilië FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine
Help us to maintain the grounds, the vegetable patch and the native seedling production.
Forest Therapies Program Rosário da Limeira, Brazilië Iracambi Research Center
Iracambi is proud to present the Forest Therapies Program— where in you can discover for yourself the secrets of medicinal plants and its traditionally uses.
Giving a Voice to the Rainforest Rosário da Limeira, Brazilië Iracambi Research Center
Calling photographers and filmmakers to take amazing images of the Brazilian rainforest, its fauna and flora and traditional rural people!
Stingless Native beekeepers Cachoeiras de Macacu, Brazilië Fazenda São Marcos
It is an absolutely pleasure discover how native sting bees organizes their complex society and to interact with them! Support our Native bees and the Forest they protect
Smart Forests Program Rosário da Limeira, Brazilië Iracambi Research Center
Be a key part of creating an integrated and comprehensive ecosystem health monitoring system. Your help supports our ability to make strategic decisions to protect forest
Eco Farm Rehab – Rehabilitation in nature Nova Friburgo, Brazilië Eco Caminhos
We receive people with mental and psychological health problems to promote recovery through a natural and community life in a eco farm in the middle of the mountains.
Bioacoustics Researcher Iporanga, Brazilië IPBio - Reserva Betary
Use sound recordings to understand species behavior, their distribution, habitat use and peak periods of activity.
Environmental Education SUMMER Centre Assistant Rio Grande, Brazilië Caminho Marinho
"Ritmo do Mar" seeks to promote a carnival group in the Cassino Beach, Rio Grande - RS, based on turtles, culturall and sustainability values using of reusable materials.

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