Building an Outdoor Activity Camp Building an Outdoor Activity Camp Ghyalchok, Nepal Best Adventure Nepal
Help to build an outdoor activity camp!

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Help to build an outdoor activity camp in Ghyalchok, Nepal

Our passion at Best Adventure Nepal is to make a difference and impact the lives of rural people (especially children and youths) in Nepal. 

After years of working in the tourism industry we can see that this can be the opportunity for Nepalese people to learn and to adapt important aspects into their lives. 

The growing issue in Nepal is waste/ garbage disposal witch many times impact our beautiful country in a very bad way. Nepal is developing faster than it can absorb the amount of waste therefore, it is our aim at Best Adventure Nepal to teach people in the community that bad disposal can affect their health and that land covered in garbage is not appealing to tourists. 

Teaching is the most important thing, and after people will realize it, we can act by implementing solutions. Building an Best Adventure Nepal - Outdoor Activity camp is a part of our program of the clean environment and ecological projects. We are looking for volunteers to support us in many areas construction, maintenance, gardening as well as teaching it the local school, organizing free time for young children during holidays, teaching English.

Our vision at Best Adventure Nepal is a world where excitement and discovery are the norm, accessible to everyone. We’ve seen how a shared adventure has the power to unite people of all backgrounds.

Why travel with us?

  • If you desire an active experience amongst unique cultures, spectacular natural wonders and beautiful scenery, then you will love what our trips are all about.
  • If you are looking for unforgettable way to see the most amazing place on Earth, where trekking, hiking, paddling or biking is the common form of transport, then you will love the places we take you.
We are commited to take the stress out from your travel to Nepal or Tibet by taking care of the big picture and making sure that you have all you need while traveling with us.


Safety comes before everything else. It’s not worth risking for a potential thrill. All of our guides are experienced and certified in their fields and in general wilderness safety. We want you to experience exhilarating adrenaline rushes all while knowing that you are in good hands.


Nepal is our backyard, and a beautiful backyard it is. We have been exploring its valleys, mountains and rivers since before we could walk. Who better to show you authentic, magical Nepal than those of us who know it best and love it most? You will finish your trip having seen the country through our eyes.


Planning the perfect trip across the globe while working full time is no small task. Our booking and logistical support will take away the stress and the question marks. Benefit from our years of successful journeys. Let us handle the details leading up to your departure and during your trip.

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Sociale impact

Nepal is a special place and it’s important for us to give back to a country that has given us so much. Our initiatives focus on educational and environmental causes. We are always on the lookout for volunteers to support the program.

Best Adventure Nepal aims at creating interactions instead of transactions: that’s what we want for our volunteers and community and it informs how we structure the whole experience for both parties.

Furthermore we want to attract tourism to the Siurenitar village, want to provide and teach about a cleaner environment and support the local community with general education.

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