Wildlife Conservation Research Internship Rhino Conservation Supporter Outjo, Namibië Muller Stud Namibia
It’s time to take real action. It’s a widely known fact that rhinos are on the brink of extinction – but not if we have anything to say about it.
Basic Farm Work Assistant Outjo, Namibië Muller Stud Namibia
Volunteers will be involved in day-to-day tasks and activities on the farm.
Wildlife Conservation Research Internship Outjo, Namibië Muller Stud Namibia
Wildlife Conservation research Internship, research on various topics or pick your own research topic
Husbandry Outjo, Namibië Muller Stud Namibia
Interns being involved in daily caring, handling & looking after wildlife & some domestic animals, game captures, working with sick or injured animals.

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Come to experience Africa at its best, while your contribution will help with Namibia's Rhino conservation...

Muller Stud is a private game reserve, located close to the World-renowned Etosha National Park, Namibia, aiming to convert old cattle farmland to a game reserve, and thereby to conserve large game.  

One of our goals is to help with the conservation of Namibia's white rhino population, therefore Muller Stud support one of Namibia's largest white rhino breeding programs in Namibia.

We are looking for energetic, vibrant volunteers who want to learn more about conservation and make a difference.

Be part of this exciting wildlife development and join our team for an unforgettable adventure in beautiful Namibia.

By volunteering at Muller Stud you will help save and conserve our iconic white rhino species from extinction.

Het voornaamste doel van het project is
Amber-Lee Muller
Amber-Lee Muller
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Sociale impact

Namibia Rhino Conservation

Small steps lead to great change.

The massive rise of Rhino poaching has made waves throughout the world, as it becomes clearer by the day that if drastic action isn’t taken, our future generations may very well come to know the rhinoceros as an extinct creature. Taking action requires innovative ideas and ingenuity, by volunteering at  Muller Stud you will be supporting the fight against the extinction of these animals, all funding will go to the Rhino Momma Project, this is our way of giving back and trying to make a difference.

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