Manatees Conservation Supporter Manatees Conservation Supporter Siquirres, Costa Rica Naturaleza de Pacuare
Take the opportunity of volunteering abroad in an amazing place with nature and wildlife close to Tortuguero. Act for the planet and help us protect manatees.and wildlife
Sea Turtle Saving and Jungle Animals Monitoring Siquirres, Costa Rica Naturaleza de Pacuare
Enjoy a great opportunity of volunteering abroad in Costa Rica, close to Tortuguero. Help protect endangered sea turtle & see them hatch in the amazing Caribbean nature.
Monkeys Monitoring and Protection Siquirres, Costa Rica Naturaleza de Pacuare
Join a local team close to Tortuguero and enjoy wildlife and Carribean culture while acting for the planet. Help saving 3 species of monkeys and sloth.

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Naturaleza de Pacuare, a local organization in love with nature works on biodiversity protection in the Carribean coast, to offer eco international volunteering.

The project Naturaleza Pacuare was founded to 100% by local people from Costa Rica and is also managed by them. Our goal is to preserve the ecosystem in a sustainable way, to support the biodiversity in our country and to protect the sea turtles and others animals, some of which are highly endangered. With the help and cooperation of the local population, we have succeeded in creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and welcome. With the knowledge of doing something good and valuable, everyone should have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the world. We offer slow and eco tourism and international volunteering. Volunteering abroad and especially in Costa Rica is an opportunity to enjoy nature and wildlife and participate to animals rescue.
Het voornaamste doel van het project is
Dora Enid Chavarria Calderon
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Sociale impact

At Naturaleza Pacuare we know that it doesn't take much to change the world a little. Since our founding in 2019, we have been determined to drive change for the better, to act for the planet.

We are a young, motivated and dedicated team from Pacuare. Our vision became a very important mission today.
For this reason we have created our project "Naturaleza de Pacuare". Under the leadership of Enid Chavarría Calderón, Alexander Calderón and the local population we have managed to establish a small but good project.
It is a great concern for us not only to provide ecological help, but also to give our volunteers a great opportunity to get to know the typical life of Costa Rica.

Keep the beach and area clean and protect nature and more sea turtles and others animals is our main goal. 
Working with local population helps educate them about this protection and can provide work for them. Pacuare is a very isolated place and professional opportunities are rare.
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