Eco Nature and Coastal Conservation Eco Nature and Coastal Conservation Kenton-on-Sea, Zuid-Afrika Sibuya Wilderness Experience
Eco Volunteering in Wildlife & Marine Conservation. Uncover the whole big picture of our Eco-System for a better understanding of Nature & learn how to make a difference!

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Our Eco Volunteering Program offers the exciting opportunity to play an active role in supporting the Wildlife and Marine Conservation Projects of Sibuya Game Reserve.

We are a team of passionate conservationists working tirelessly to save our endangered and threatened wild and marine life from extinction. Volunteers will take part in short and longterm projects which are intended to create sustainability for generations to come. Tasks may vary from physical work to interesting and interactive lecture-based content. Our volunteer program will run from 1 to 4 weeks.

By combining Wildlife and Marine Conservation in one program, we aim to underline the importance of uncovering the whole big picture of our Eco-System for a better understanding of Nature and why it works the way it does. Education is our first priority in order to make a difference.

In order to guarantee an educational and impactful experience for each volunteer, we will work in small groups with a maximum number of 8 participants.

Much of our Conservation work will take place at the nearby Sibuya Game Reserve itself as well as at the nearby rivers and beaches. The Reserve is located in Kenton-on-Sea, along the Sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, about 120 km from Port Elizabeth. This renowned Reserve is home to a wide range of different species of Flora and Fauna, with the stunning Kariega River Estuary meandering through it.

PLEASE NOTE: We say NO to any kind of interaction with wild animals and we strongly dissociate ourselves from so-called sanctuaries, parks or rehabilitation centers that promote Cub petting, Lion walking or interacting with Elephants. These organizations mislead visitors to believe that they're promoting conservation while the truth is that they keep wild animals in captivity and use them for commercial exploitation.

This is the perfect eco volunteer program for you, if you are looking for a meaningful travel opportunity abroad that put – together with like-minded people from all over the world - your passion for nature, environment and wildlife to good use, trying to make a difference. 

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Luke Beckmann
Luke Beckmann
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Sociale impact

SIBUYA means “The Return of the Animals” and we take our commitment towards this beautiful piece of Nature and its inhabitants seriously. No matter how small or large, water-or land based, animals are the center of our attention and we try our best to protect them and their natural habitat.

Our newly established Eco Volunteering Conservation Program is focusing an impactful rescue/anti-poaching scope for Wildlife and a strong Marine conservation aim. By exposing people to our conservation work and transferring our hands-on mentality, we know that we can make a difference.

But Conservation does not stop at conserving Nature alone, but also includes a responsibility to uplift local and impoverished Communities. This responsibility includes environmental education of the Community as to the role and benefit of conserving biodiversity and further stresses the importance of conserving our natural resources.

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