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We aim to protect and regenerate the ecosystem and bio cultural diversity of the inner Ionian

Who we are

We are a not for profit non governmental grassroots organisation registered and based in Greece composed of a dedicated group of people driven by our desire to protect the environment through specific courses of action such as environmental conservation projects and scientific research targeted towards sustainable development. 

What we do

We work by producing both actual conservation work and conducting scientific research. We do our own projects but accept to work on others also or on collaborations in joint projects under certain conditions. We aim to work worldwide but we believe our main focus should be right here next to home. To achieve our work we use our own work and resources and that of volunteers from all over the world. We also work on ecological consultancy and other projects related to scientific research in the field of ecology and sustainable development and accept contracts for projects in ecosystem management and Biodiversity conservation as part of our fundraising efforts along with donations and contributions from private persons and organisations. We also work towards environmental education for all ages with the goal of helping people appreciate the value of environmental conservation and hopefully convincing them to become part of it. 

Where we work

"We are located in Greece. We are situated on the Island of Kalamos a place with several ecosystems and in the heart of the Natura 2000 GR 2220003 conservation area. On land we have an ecosystem of significant biodiversity conservation value and are one of the most important areas for the birds of Greece  with several endangered species. The relatively small human population ,large uninhabited areas of mostly wild but also agricultural land combined with decreasing pressure from agricultural production have produced a range of habitats such as our unique forest with its very important dead wood habitats . Our base location is the small village of Kalamos, a picturesque village of about 250 permanent residents. The people are friendly and helpful . The place has a significant historical value also.

Our Vision

The following phrase summarises it : Rewild the world! In a world where the natural world is declining and environmental conservation is gaining increasing ground we dare to take it one step further and accept the increasingly popular opinion that the world needs more wild areas more wild animals more natural ecosystems with large animals that are essential to ecosystem function.

In this we never forget that sustainable development is a major driving force to achieve this objective in many areas through sustainable ecosystem management. The right science is lacking though and sometimes our goal will be to fill the gaps in knowledge prior to any action or take temporary action until this is so. We want to make effective change in our region first but we do not forget that we live on spaceship earth and as a group that wants to change the world and we also need to often collaborate with people and groups outside our geographical borders to achieve our objectives both within but also outside the geographical area of focus of a given action. 

People are the main driving force for sustainable development but we believe that all sustainable development ultimately has an ecological basis. We respect the rights of people who want to live as they have always done so and try to find solutions in cases where biodiversity or other environmental conservation issues of both local and global importance exist. We are open to communication and potential collaborations with anyone in the world.


The environmental crisis is upon us yet few people realise it these days we are feeling it more and more. 

Natural ecosystems on both sea and land are being rapidly replaced by things like Tree mono-cultures and industrial aquaculture in sea and fresh water exaggerating the demise of the former even greater.

We know that change will come from society itself and it will come by an overall realisation that nature not man knows best and that we should follow nature rather than attempt to reshape it ignoring how it has produced the natural world through millions of years of experimentation and requires high biodiversity to maintain itself as opposed to the monocultural ecosystems favoured by modern corporate interests.

Our goal is to actively and significantly contribute towards the reversal of the aforementioned trend and to do this we need to produce both work based on good science and solid ecological principles but also fill the gaps in the knowledge base where it is necessary in terms of scientific knowledge that is needed to achieve this as we believe that the right science for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation is sorely lacking worldwide.

We start with our own location as we believe there is great need for work here. for details go to our actions section .We are in Greece a country which is feeling the ecological crisis very intensively due to lack of an extensive primary sector .We are citizens of the world and everything is connected as we all are in many ways. 

A prime example is how in our region genetically modified soya and wild fish flour mix from unsustainable harvests are used to feed carnivorous fish in the aquaculture units that need to convert pristine ecosystems to have production for a few decades just like soya production leads to deforestation in the Amazon and land is abandoned to move on to destroy more pristine forest.We wish to work elsewhere where we are needed to make the world a better place also provided that we can."

Who are we looking for

We are looking for passionate dedicated people willing to get their hands into actual conservation work in an area that is currently very important but overlooked 

Why choose us

We are local people and the success of the project matters to our daily livelihoods and our culture as a whole ,also this is nature conservation outside the government fence and in an area that you really can make a difference and have a significant  impact in making the world a better place.

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Theodore Karfakis
Theodore Karfakis
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Sociale impact

The project addresses sustainable development through historical rights activism and other related legal actions, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration on both sea and land. 

The specific social impacts of the project are the empowerment and protection through legal means and other associated actions such as media campaigns, of the rights of local communities of the islands and their way of life and in particular their historical rights of use of marine and terrestrial space and the natural resources upon these.

At present the project has collected valuable ecological information that will help towards the protection and restoration of the biological diversity of the area  and the work is ongoing. This will help towards bringing environmental justice for local communities of people through better legal protection of the area they are in which is also concurrent with the automatic recognition of their role in the framework of things.

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