Street Kids Football Teaching Hospital Assistant Cape Coast, Ghana Volunteer With Ghana
Assist in different aspects of the hospital, working closely with doctors, nurses or administrative professionals.
Orphanage Assistant - Children's Home of Hope Cape Coast, Ghana Volunteer With Ghana
The Children’s Home of Hope orphanage in the village of Asebu, close to Cape Coast. The home cares for 30 to 40 children, ages of 4 to 16 years old.
Street Kids Football Cape Coast, Ghana Volunteer With Ghana
We guide the children School Academic through football. We put the children in School and use football to keep them in school as most of them have the passion for playing
Teaching Assistant with Student and Teachers Cape Coast, Ghana Volunteer With Ghana
Assist teachers in either one of Cape Coast's primary schools or the Cape Coast School for the Deaf, enriching the education of the young students.

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Based in Cape Coast, we work within the local community filling in gaps they have. This includes in orphanages, schools, hospitals and social welfare offices.

What we do?

We take the needs of the community, led by community members, to create programs that fill the gaps needed in Orphanages, Hospitals, Schools, and Social Welfare offices in the Cape Coast region. We allow our volunteers to bring their knowledge and skills to begin to assist community leads in each project, from there, the volunteer's own skillset is expanded through cultural exchange. The injection of new knowledge and passion allows for the community leads and volunteers to work together to ensure a sustainable project that provides benefits a lot longer than a single volunteer stay.

Where we work?

We work in the Cape Coast Region of Ghana. Ghana, and especially Cape Coast is extremely safe and welcoming to foreigners. Ghanian culture is extremely welcoming to guests. We are also blessed to be based in one of the most picturesque regions of Ghana, directly on the Gulf of Guinea. Bursting with History, Cape Coast also home to the Cape Coast Castle and other historic monuments central to the story of Ghana.

Some vaccines are required, we suggest a consultation with a travel doctor pre-departure.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be guided and led by local needs and leaders in order to create a happier, superior Cape Coast Region, improving the community how those who live in the community see fit.

Our Goals

Our goals are constantly changing as we are inspired by those in our community and our volunteers spending time in our programs. The grass-roots nature of all of our programs makes the individual of the goals to the program. The overarching goal is clear, to lift those in our community desiring to make change up using the skills and abilities of our volunteers for sustainable change. The goal of our orphanage program is to make the daily lives of orphans in our community smoother so they can learn, play and develop. At the hospital, we have the goal of improving our local health care system through injecting knowledge and passion into existing gaps. In our schools, we have the goal of giving teachers a boost to improve their ability to educate our youth.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate people who want to make a difference and know that their difference is sustainable and what the community actually needs. Volunteers who are looking to develop their skills through a process of cultural exchange, while bringing their own specialized skill set to the table.

Why Us? 

We not only provide our volunteers with a stressfree experience by ensuring our volunteers have a safe place to stay at our lodging house, as well have the meals and transport that they need. We also provide the unique opportunity to live and travel culturally like a Ghanian with our experienced travel guides on staff to guide volunteers every step of the way. We also ensure that our programs are lead by those who benefit from them and will continue to drive positive results, the community.  

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Sociale impact

With Dozens of Volunteers and Interns completing stints with us, we have been able to affect the lives of hundreds in the Cape Coast community through our hospital, orphanage and school programs. The impact we provide is providing in order to better serve those using services such as students, orphans, and patients. 

We have been able to impact the lives of students in basic education, in our school program, by providing teaching assistants that help to lay the groundwork for students' education, ensuring their long term educational success. In our Orphanage program, we have touched the lives of over 200 children through our volunteers organizing programs and outing for young children keeping their spirit up and focusing on their futures. In our hospital program, we have had 5 medical interns assist in saving lives, working with local physicians to help provide basic care to keep those in the community healthy for years to come. Without Volunteer With Ghana, the gaps that these health care, childcare, and educational providers had would not have been filled and the community would have continued to feel the impact of lack of health, child and educational care that are the building blocks to happy productive lives. Although we have yet to be able to make a large impact on a large number of people, we want to continue to grow and work with the community to provide volunteers for gaps and better the lives of those in the Cape Coast community. 

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