Horse Caretaker & Food Bank Assistant

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Coördinator | Patrick
Coördinator | Patrick
Join us and have this great opportunity to live on a horse ranch while part time volunteering at a foodbank to provide food and meals to the poor! This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Leeftijd 18+
Travel to Ontario, Canada and take part in a unique volunteer opportunity of working at a community Food Bank while living on a Horse Farm. Surrounded by 40 horses and ponies and other domesticated animals, expand your knowledge on horses and farm life while helping out at a charitable organization.

If you are interested in having fun and learning new traditions while staying with a Canadian Family on a Horse Farm in Ontario, then this project is perfect for you. Working at a Food Bank is rewarding and the help of volunteers is depended upon as it is a non-profit organization. The community program offers volunteers to help out and give back to a worthy cause by helping to sort out the food items, handout food and much more. The activities on the Horse Farm are demanding and ranges from mucking out the stalls to helping the farrier in her trade and medically caring for the horses. Learning to care for horses and gaining new farming experience will definitely leave you satisfied. Both the Food Bank and the Horse Farm are in need of volunteers all year round. Working at these projects is rewarding and is by no means an ‘easy holiday option.

You will volunteer alongside other international volunteers as well as local experienced staff who will guide you during your experience.

This is Why
  • Help at a local community Food Bank in Ontario Canada!
  • Live on a Horse Farm with a local Canadian Family and learn new traditions.
  • Expand your knowledge on horses and help a Farrier with her trade.
  • Many opportunities to explore beautiful Ontario!

Both projects are physically demanding and you must be willing to do hard work and don’t mind getting yourself dirty at times especially on the farm. The hours will pass by quickly due to endless duties that need to be completed at both project

  • Required to commit to a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Must complete a few days of training and take a short e-learning course on Food Safe Procedures once confirmed.
  • NO SMOKING is allowed on the property.
  • Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, honest, good sense of humour, dependable, physically and mentally fit. 
  • Age: 18+
  • No animal allergies especially horses and dogs
  • TOpen to learning new traditions.
  • Extreme Weather (heat & cold), dirt and living in a remote area must be something you can handle.
  • A love for animals and some general experience of caring for an animal is a must!
  • Must read and agree to abide by guidelines and ethics
  • Proof of current tetanus shot & medical insurance; Good physical stamina and health
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work alone and must have Good knowledge of the English Language.
  • A Criminal Records Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check (Comes with the Criminal Check when requested).
  • Patient and comfortable working with children and animals on the farm
  • A valid driver’s license would be an asset, but is not required

The Foodbank is located is located in Brantford Ontario while your homestay at the Horse Farm is located in Caledonia, Ontario. Have fun exploring these two places in beautiful Ontario and be a part of an amazing Canadian experience.     
You will volunteer alongside other international volunteers and local experience staff who will help train you during your experience. While at the ranch you will stay with a local Canadian family who will take you in like one of their own.

Dagelijkse activiteiten

The responsibilities will differ between the community Food Bank and the Horse Farm. Both projects are physically demanding and you must be willing to do hard work and don’t mind getting yourself dirty at times especially on the farm. The hours will pass by quickly due to endless duties that need to be completed at both projects. Some of the responsibilities you will have at both projects are:
  • Food Bank; Organize and restock shelves and check for expired items, Rotate old items to the front, new items to the back, Organize and restock freezers, Break down product, Support clients in accessing our services, Pack boxes with proper portions of food and Pick up and sort donations.
  • Horse Farm; Brush Horses, Muck Stalls, Fill water troughs, Feed Horses Grain, Feed Horses Hay, Put coats on horses, Walk horses, Assist in helping the Farrier shoe and medically care for the horses.
For more information regarding your typical day please contact us!


Volunteers have the opportunity to enjoy a Canadian experience. There are numerous leisure activities for the volunteers to explore and enjoy, for example, sightseeing wildlife, hiking , taking part in a water sport, visiting the zoo and national parks. These activities however, are covered by the volunteers own expense. 

Water Sports


Om deel te nemen aan het programma dien je tenminste 18 jaar oud te zijn op de startdatum van het programma. Er kunnen uitzonderingen gemaakt worden indien je een bewijs van toestemming kan aantonen van uw wettelijke voogd(en) of samen met je ouders deelneemt.
Je dient over volgende taalkennis te beschikken Engels (gemiddeld niveau)
Bewijs van goed gedrag en zeden
Vereiste documenten
CV, Resume, Letter of Motivation en Two pics and Signed Policies and Liability form
Geen beperkingen. Helpende handen van over de hele wereld zijn welkom.
Uw helpende hand wordt verwacht op maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag en vrijdag van 09:00 - 15:00

Diensten ingesloten

Diensten door Fronteering Travel
The fees includes: 
  • Airport Pickup :We will be waiting for you at the airport and transfer you to your Homestay accommodation. You will need to fly to Hamilton Airport where you will be picked up. If you fly to Toronto, you can catch a bus/train into Brantford.
  • Accommodation :Shared accommodation with a Canadian family on the Horse Farm
  • Meals :Supplies for meals provided.  (You will be responsible for cooking your own breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be prepared for you.)
  • Mail-holding service :You can use FRONTEERINGS office as a reliable address to have your mail delivered
  • Ongoing service and 24/7 Emergency contact
Afhaal aan de luchthaven op Hamilton Airport

You will arrive in beautiful Ontario where you will be met at the airport and transferred to the volunteer project.


Your Homestay accommodation will be on a farm with a Canadian family. The accommodation will be shared, laundry facility in the house, wireless internet and cable TV. Of course you can also make use of the living room, kitchen and washroom. You are responsible for keeping your room tidy and washing your own laundry.

Gastfamilie Slaapkamer (Enkel)
Eten & Drank

While on the Horse Farm, you will have provisions for three meals a day. Dinner will be made for you but you are responsible for making your own breakfast and lunch. You will be treated as a member of the family and will work as a team around meal time, setting/clearing the table and loading/emptying the dishwasher etc.

Internet toegang
Makkelijke toegang op de project site
Wat is er NIET inbegrepen?
Visum, vluchten, reisverzekering en vaccinaties zijn NIET inbegrepen in de programmakosten.
Vlucht tickets
De dichtste luchthaven is Hamilton Airport (YHM) in Toronto. We assisteren u met het vinden van goedkope vluchten naar Canada.
Naar het buitenland reizen is een avontuur en het is best om goed voorbereid te zijn. Plots ziek worden of gewond raken, annulaties of diefstal - een reisverzekering voor Canada biedt zekerheid en is een meerwaarde.
Als je de intentie hebt om als vrijwilliger aan de slag te gaan in Canada dien je eerst medisch advies in te winnen alvorens je eropuit trekt. Kijk de benodigde vaccinaties na voor Canada.

Data & Kosten


Gegevens over jouw aankomst

There are no specific start/arrival dates for this project, however, we recommend that you arrive on a Monday.

jan. feb. mrt. apr. mei jun. jul. aug. sep. okt. nov. dec.
4 - 12 weken


Kosten: Prijs in USD
4 weken (min. verblijf)
$ 2.195
6 weken
$ 2.695
8 weken
$ 2.995
10 weken
$ 3.295
12 weken (max. verblijf)
$ 3.795
Gemiddelde kosten
$ 433 /week

Gelieve ermee rekening te houden dat de bovenstaande programmakosten een raming zijn en beinvloed kunnen worden door mogelijke veranderingen in de wisselkoers. Fronteering Travel zal je op de hoogte houden over de finale kostprijs gedurende uw aanmeldprocedure.
Waarborg (15%)
De waarborg dient om je plek als vrijwilliger te verzekeren. Betalingen worden door PayPal behandeld, onze betrouwbare betalingsprovider. Indien je niet over een PayPal account beschikt, kan je ook met een credit kaart betalen.
Finale betaling (85%)
Uw finale betaling zal worden goedgekeurd door Fronteering Travel gedurende de aanmeld procedure. Veel voorkomende oplossingen zijn een banktransfer of contante betaling op de projectsite.

Waarom Volunteer World

Bijkomende zekerheid geboden door Volunteer World
Volunteer World is 's werelds leidende vergelijkingsplatform voor internationale vrijwilligerswerk projecten. Wij begeleiden jou door een betrouwbare aanmeldingsprocedure - inclusief de nodige betalingen. Plan jouw zinvolle reis met Volunteer World en krijg gratis toegang tot:
Hoge ethische standaarden & transparantie in de sociale impact
Wijzig jouw reservatie zonder extra meerkost
Garantie op terugbetaling
We betalen je kosten terug als Fronteering Travel jouw reis annuleert
Ondersteuning & tussenkomst
Wij steunen je, wat er ook gebeurt, je kan altijd contact opnemen met ons
Onze diensten zijn gratis!
Alle programmakosten worden rechtstreeks gefactureerd door Fronteering Travel

Wat vertellen de mensen over Volunteer World?

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Horse Caretaker & Food Bank Assistant

Join us and have this great opportunity to live on a horse ranch while part time volunteering at a foodbank to provide food and meals to the poor!


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