Sea Turtle & Rainforest Conservation Program

opgericht in 2021
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Coördinator | Andrea
Coördinator | Andrea
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Live a real and unique tropical conservation experience in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, between the last remnants of Ecuadorian coastal rainforest and the Marine Reserve
Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to get involved in sea turtle conservation actions, such as monitoring nesting beaches for protecting nests as collecting and classifying plastic.
Support for the conservation of coastal rainforests learning on tropical permaculture and working in regenerative cacao farms/agroforestry systems alongside real ecological farmers.
Live an amazing cultural experience living in the jungle and by getting involved in conservation projects with local communities and their youth.
Enjoy northern Ecuadorian coast with famous beaches of Same and Mompiche only 1h30 away. On the weekends, you can surf or have an amazing trip by boat surrounded by incredible mangroves forests.
An amazing experience in coastal jungle! Volunteers will be part of a multidisciplinar team of experts for the conservation of sea turtles and tropical rainforests. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Leeftijd 18+

Volunteers will take part in one of this projects (or both), depending on their interests. All year round there is work needed to be done for both projects, so volunteers can decide the amount of work they dedicate to each of them:


This project aims to improve sea turtles conservation actions in Galera San Francisco Marine Reserve (RMGSF), presently under non-trivial threats. Since 2014, two local communities have been receiving environmental education and taking actions at the nesting beaches, involving mostly local youth and volunteers, both nationals and internationals. 

Volunteer Program Activities: 

  • Carry out walks along the Marine Reserve beaches for the detection, geo-location (GPS) and protection of sea turtle nests. Relocation of nests that are in a place with no options of success. 
  • Monitor sea turtle nests until the hatchlings reach the ocean. 
  • Carry out beach plastic cleanings to facilitate nesting of sea turtles (with special aim for ghost nets). Collection, classification, reuse and/or recycling of waste found on the nesting beaches. 
  • Assistance in theoretical/practical environmental education workshops for local youth. 


Our organization is working for the conservation of the last remnants of coastal tropical rainforests in Ecuador, which are present in the Galera - San Francisco peninsula. Our aim is to regenerate and reforest degraded ecosystems in order to give more habitat options for endemic wildlife, which is facing serious threats due to deforestation. Volunteers will support this iniciative by doing the following activities:

Volunteer Program Activities: 

- Improve the record of wildlife present in the forest/regenerative farms of the area through observation and using wildcamera traps. (You will need to download apps like e-Bird, iNaturalist, etc).
- Support in maintenance of regenerative cacao farms (agroforestry systems). 
- Planting, pruning, harvesting and processing mainly cacao, as well as other fruits (banana, papaya, passion fruit, ginger, tumeric, cardamom...). 
- Maintenance of living terraces for soil regeneration, fertility improvement and watershed restoration.
- Collecion of seeds to germinate in plant nursery, as well as wild seedlings. 
- Reforestation with native species to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, as weel as the regeneratioin of water sources.


- Give workshops or organize activities for local youth on topics that volunteers like (sports, English classes, arts, computing, etc). 
- Support in the eco-tourism activities. 
- Support for the administrative part of the organization (web site, social networks, etc). 

For turtle conservation work, schedule and dynamics vary greatly depending on the month of the year. From mid June, nesting season begins, reaching its peak from August to December. During these months, nesting beach monitoring will be carried out between 6.30 am and 10 am, and may last until the afternoon depending on the turtle activity, nests to protect, exhume or relocate. The days where less turtle activity is found we will clean the beach from plastics and do  some work on regenerative farms, veggie garden and/or nursery. After lunch, activities will be organized according to available energies after morning work. In total, 5-6h of work per day is expected from volunteers, ending between 12pm and 3pm depending on starting time. 

Weekends are free time but volunteers, if interested, have the option get involved in the educational project that we are running on local communities. In this case, one day of the week will be off. (5 working days per week in total). 

Dagelijkse activiteiten

All interns, students and volunteers will spend an important part of their time doing fieldwork. However, all biological work requires data entry and data analysis. This is an important part of our work, so not all the time will be spent in the field. Additionally, volunteers will be asked to help out in chores to clean or prepare for field work. Furthermore, volunteers will help to clean the facilities of the volunteer house and the research station. Volunteers must understand that field work is dependent on many factors that we don’t control. These include weather, availability of gasoline for transportation, etc. We ask volunteers to be patient and understand that working in the field and working in a small town with limited resources, sometimes makes it hard to have things always go along as planned. Students may be involved in more than one
project depending on availability. We eagerly try to make Ecuadorian and international students work together as the best way to learn from each other and as a way to promote cultural exchange.

Weekends are free time but volunteers can get involved in the educational project that we are running on local communities. In this case, one day of the week will be off. (5 working days per week in total). 


Volunteers can enjoy travelling the surrounding communities to have an amazing cultural experience, enjoy incredible food and visit different beautiful beaches. Most volunteers use some of their free time to learn surfing (classes 2h, $25). There are a few turistic towns in the neareby (Same 1h, Mompiche 2h). 



Om deel te nemen aan het programma dien je tenminste 18 jaar oud te zijn op de startdatum van het programma. Er kunnen uitzonderingen gemaakt worden indien je een bewijs van toestemming kan aantonen van uw wettelijke voogd(en) of samen met je ouders deelneemt.
Je dient over volgende taalkennis te beschikken Engels (basis niveau)
Geen beperkingen. Helpende handen van over de hele wereld zijn welkom.
Andere vaardigheden
Love for nature.
Good physical condition.
Team work abilities.
Respect for other cultures.
Basic level of Spanish will help but it is not a requirement.
Uw helpende hand wordt verwacht op maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag en vrijdag van 06:30 - 12:30

Diensten ingesloten

Diensten door Cusumbí

This fee includes: 

  •  Accomodation: most of the time will be on a private room in a shared house with other volunteers. If the volunteer's stay is longer than 3 months, option to live with a local host family available. Unlimited WiFi access included. 
  • Three meals/day at project site: we will eat very healthy local food from the organic farms, also sustainable fish/chickens/eggs available. Veggie/vegan options available
  • Training on marine turtle conservation and/or conservation of tropical costal rainforests.  
  • Organization administrative costs.
  • Pre-departure support.
  • Project information before arrival.
  • Field coordinators  live in the same facilities as volunteers.
  • Field equipment and materials.
  • Free internet access.
  • Certificate of participation, if requested.
  • 24-hour in-country support in English/Spanish. 
  • 24-hour emergency phone.


Nice wooden/bamboo cabañas surrounded by forest with ocean view and the beach only 5 minute walk. Hygienic and sustainable  composting toilets in all project facilities. All grey waters are treated with bio-filters since we are in the middle of forest and Marine Reserve. 

Eten & Drank
  • Most of our food comes from local/sustainable environment. 
  • You will have the chance to try many different seasonal fruits produced in the most ecological possible way at regenerative farms: banana, papaya, mango, passion fruit, jinger, chocolate, coffee, avocado, etc. 
  • Local and artisanal fishing available for those non vegetarian/vegan. 
  • Most neighbours own happy chickens for eggs and meat. 

Internet toegang
Makkelijke toegang op de project site
Wat is er NIET inbegrepen?
Visum, vluchten, reisverzekering en vaccinaties zijn NIET inbegrepen in de programmakosten. Afhaling van de luchthaven is ook niet inbegrepen in de programmakosten.
Vlucht tickets
De dichtste luchthaven is Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) in Quito. We assisteren u met het vinden van goedkope vluchten naar Ecuador.
Naar het buitenland reizen is een avontuur en het is best om goed voorbereid te zijn. Plots ziek worden of gewond raken, annulaties of diefstal - een reisverzekering voor Ecuador biedt zekerheid en is een meerwaarde.
Als je de intentie hebt om als vrijwilliger aan de slag te gaan in Ecuador dien je eerst medisch advies in te winnen alvorens je eropuit trekt. Kijk de benodigde vaccinaties na voor Ecuador.

Data & Kosten


Gegevens over jouw aankomst

Volunteers can join throughout the year. 

jan. feb. mrt. apr. mei jun. jul. aug. sep. okt. nov. dec.
1 - 50 weken


Kosten: Prijs in USD
1 week (min. verblijf)
2 weken
3 weken
4 weken
5 weken
6 weken
8 weken
12 weken
16 weken
50 weken (max. verblijf)
Gemiddelde kosten
$215 /week

Houd er rekening mee dat de hierboven getoonde kosten worden geschat. Cusumbí zal je op de hoogte houden over de finale kostprijs gedurende uw aanmeldprocedure.
Waarborg (15%)
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Finale betaling (85%)
Uw finale betaling zal worden goedgekeurd door Cusumbí gedurende de aanmeld procedure. Veel voorkomende oplossingen zijn een banktransfer of contante betaling op de projectsite.

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Garantie op terugbetaling
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Wat vertellen de mensen over Volunteer World?

Sea Turtle & Rainforest Conservation Program

An amazing experience in coastal jungle! Volunteers will be part of a multidisciplinar team of experts for the conservation of sea turtles and tropical rainforests.


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