Volunteer in After-School Bocas del Toro, Panamá Give and Surf
Volunteers help with our after-school and summer camp programs. Spend half of each day volunteering and the other half is free time to explore the islands!
School revision and Tutoring in Public Schools Chame, Panamá La Escuelita
Our main focus is to drive significant improvements in education, and we do this by actively promoting participation and fostering fundamental values, such as solidarity.
School Reinforcement and Special Needs Supporter Chame, Panamá Adventure Volunteer
Provide personalised educational support to children from vulnerable backgrounds, in order to maximise every children's personal growth and their skill development.
Home school review Chame, Panamá La Escuelita
The volunteer will be able to accompany and transmit their knowledge to children of different academic levels to reinforce and improve their school performance.

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