Local Medical, Healthcare, & Clinical Experience Nairobi, Quênia UCESCO Africa
Healthcare providers, & Dentistry professionals are always in high demand in the communities we are serving.Gain volunteer experience with us in humanitarian Aid in Kenya
Psychology & Mental Health Hospital Assistant Arusha, Tanzânia Medi Trip
Psychology placement working with patients struggling with mental health problems. Work in a large hospital in a clinical team of nurses, doctors and psychologists.
Mental Health & Psychology Counseling Supporter Nairobi, Quênia UCESCO Africa
Currently, in Kenya rates of mental disorders, suicide cases are increasing & are in dire need of support. You are invited to instigate a change of healing & restoration
Public health care assistant Quito, Equador South America Inside
In our volunteer project, volunteers, medical students, nurses or interns (nursing internship) are placed in public hospitals in Quito.
Social Work and Youth Development Knysna, África do Sul Volunteer Int. Adventures
Assist with youth at risk and street children with social work, sports, art, music, teaching and counselling for their personal development
Psychologist Intern Quito, Equador South America Inside
Look outside the box, help disadvantaged people. This help is extremely important, especially in an environment of poverty, and often violence and addiction problems.
Community Psychology Supporter Dar es Salaam, Tanzânia Art In Tanzania
Operating in different sectors on community tasks as in Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Under the school-age children.
Affordable Medical Mission Trips Kumasi, Gana Our Generation Voluntary Organization
Medical mission trips with OGVO provide short-term medical volunteer opportunities for medical professionals, nurses, dentists, college students and pre-med students
Maasai Women's Health & Empowerment Advocate Arusha, Tanzânia Medi Trip
Volunteer to support an NGO advocating for Maasai women against FGM and forced marriage. Help to provide free medical and psychological care as well as medical outreach.
Inexpensive Medical Internship in West Africa Kumasi, Gana Our Generation Voluntary Organization
Gain work experience while learning directly from doctors in hospitals and doing health checks
Mental Health Nurse Hospital Assistant Arusha, Tanzânia Medi Trip
Work with patients struggling with mental health problems seeking clinical support! Students & Trained Professionals welcome.
Medicine & Public Health Internship Guaranda, Equador El Terreno
Hands-on, personalised internship to build experience and help low-income, indigenous communities live healthier lives through education and medical interventions
Psychology Internship Athens, Grécia Cerca Abroad
Shadowing & practical involvement internship in Greece for up to 40 hours per week
Medical Care and Assistance Supporter Cusco, Peru Adventure Volunteer
Community health activities carried out in communities in Cusco, Peru through volunteering.
Mental Health and Psychiatric Support Accra, Gana SFLIG volunteers
Mental health is becoming a big challenge in Ghana due to both economic and family issues, volunteers work with mental health professionals in the clinic and on outreach.