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HOOP is looking for a new Fundraising & Development Assistant. Tasks include: developing and implementing fundraising campaigns, researching and writing grant proposals.

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Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty through education in Flora Tristán, an impoverished neighbourhood in Arequipa, Peru.

HOOP Peru is a non-profit organisation enhancing the education of disadvantaged children and their families in Flora Tristan and the surrounding communities.

Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (HOOP) was founded in Flora Tristán in 2012. After witnessing first-hand the poverty, social problems, and lack of opportunities in the community, the HOOP co-founders decided they would do whatever they could to help. Knowing the transformative power of education, they set up HOOP as a registered charity with the aim of lifting families out of poverty through projects delivered at our school in Flora Tristán.

HOOP has continued to grow ever since, and is now an important part of life for many families in the community. The relationship and trust we have is exceptional and allows us to create a lasting impact on the lives of the families we work with.

We believe education is for everyone, so we provide strategic educational programs to give people of all ages the opportunity to advance their education, health, self-confidence and better their quality of life.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Catalina San Martín
Catalina San Martín
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Social Impact

In a quantitative survey in 2013, found that 100% of the families in Flora Tristán were living below the official Peruvian government poverty line.

This means many children do not have access to adequate education at their local public school. We provide an opportunity to enhance their studies, self-confidence and maximise their potential, with the eventual impact of a reduced poverty rate in the Flora Tristán community.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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