Street Child Rescuer Street Child Rescuer kampala, Uganda Volunteer Opportunity Awaits
Children living on the streets of Kampala experience tough conditions. They are abandoned and mistreated, then end up falling victims of physical and sexual abuse.
Educate every child kampala, Uganda Volunteer Opportunity Awaits
Education to every child should be the very first priority every one should put emphasis on. Because when they are the leaders of Tomorrow.
Give a Hand to Local Farmers Kampala, Uganda Volunteer Opportunity Awaits
Farming is the most important segment towards the growth and development of every community and nation as they provide us with various food supplies for feeding.
Safe and Clean Water Supporter Kampala, Uganda Volunteer Opportunity Awaits
Clean and safe water is among the basic needs of life that everyone should have access to. Did you know that very people in Uganda don’t have access to it?

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Project Details

Volunteer Opportunity Awaits is a Non-Government Organization based and operating in Uganda which was started in 2014 as a charity foundation with 3 helpless children fro

The story of Volunteer Opportunity Awaits began in 2014 when Co-Founder Kateregga Jethro who is a Teacher by Profession and was teaching at a Government school he came to recognize that there was a child in his class who used to come very late at school. The Classes began at 08:00am but he used to arrive at school at 10:00am. Jethro felt concerned and wanted to know the reason as to why this happened like so. Jethro got some time and talked to the child and came to recognize that the child was walking a very long distance, he had to first go to the garden because he was staying with his very old grand mother who could barely walk. The child had to first dig, harvest the food, fetch water and even cook so that he leaves no work for his old grand mother.

Jethro felt so touched, concerned and wanted to meet the child’s grand mother. On reaching the home, Jethro could not resist shedding tears because he found the old grand mother in the door of the house sitting, the house was built using mud and it was nearly about to fall because the wooden polls that were supporting the house were all ate by termites. Even by leaning on the house could make it fall, the toilet were constructed using wooden poles and covered using empty old sucks and it was disgusting.

Jethro was so touched and had some bit of conversation with the old grand mother and he told him how all this happened like this. The child’s parents died after they were attacked by robbers on their way back home and child was left with no one to take care of him except his grand mother who could no longer work so as to earn money.

Jethro left the home wondering how he could help this family and also came to recognize that there are very many other children who pass through the same situation like this child. He decided to start making some saving from his little salary he got (His Salary was $150) he could save $20. With time his little saving had made some good money and he decided to rent some small rooms and started a small school but still worked at the Government school. He used his salary from the Government school to purchase scholastic materials he and gave them to the unprivileged children in his school and requested for very little money to tuition from the children at his school.

After 2 years he decided to officially register his School as a Non-Government Organization and he currently helps very many children at his Foundation that he named Volunteer Opportunity Awaits. He currently runs a School, Small medical clinic, Garden and an Orphanage Home all under his Organization were he caters for over 900 children he adopts from Streets, Extremely poor homes and so many more places. Jethro currently invites and welcomes  and hosts volunteers from anywhere around the world who feel touched and has the heart to help the unprivileged children in Uganda to join hands with him so as to create change.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Kateregga Jethro
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Empowering the street children,
providing them with basic needs of life
Conducting School Outreach were by we get time with the children and train them how to hustle in the daily hardening world
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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