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Agroforestry and Slow lorises volunteers is one of ISCP program that you can interaction directly to the local people in Sibolangit district North Sumatra ,Indonesia

Agroforestry and Slow Lorises Volunteers ( ASLV ) is a volunteer program which placing volunteers into an sugar palm agroforestry project set up by Farmer Groups and Indonesian Species Conservation Program (ISCP)
The ASLV is aimed to improving of the farmers income generation by increasing of sugar palm productity & its quality. You can enjoy how to see and joint with local communitie make tradisional wine,red sugar,handycraft ,Aren Juice or local said nira aand etc from material of sugar palm plus extra joint also to plant rice.
During the volunteering misison, the Volunteers along with ISCP staffs and Farmers will involved in management of agroforestry project at mountainous villages and plus ISCP program for slow lorises rescue Its such as:1.Maintaining the Nursery Centres,2.Sugar Palm planting,3.Tapping sugar palm water from the tree,4.Tree planting,5.Compost fertilizer production,6.Make red sugar from sugar palm,7.Make traditional wine from sugar palm,8.Make Aren Juice,9.Work as non permanent slow loris keeper,10.Joint make socialization and awareness to the local people in public.
Free-time activities:
The Hiking Sibayak Vulcano, Jungle track,Hotspring and etc

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Rudianto Sembiring
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Sugar-palm plant has long been known to the rural community and used for the manufacture of sugar-palm, either traditional household or sugar-palm industry .The sugar-palm tree also suggests ecological functions, i.e. soil and water conservation, especially on sloping land in the hills and mountain areas and has advantages for improving rural income.

Hope by our program for rehabilitation slow lorises will be make the local people know and conscious that slow loris is not a pet and toy..

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