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Nature Reserve Conservation Altos de Cantillana

Altos de Cantillana

Paine, Chile by Altos de Cantillana
Free of charge
4 - 16 weeks

Environment Conservation

We invite people to discover and help to conservate Altos de Cantillana Nature Reserve through volunteering.

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Project Details

Altos de Cantillana Nature Reserve was created as an main objective of the Altos de Cantillana Corporation, for the conservation of biodiversity.

Altos de Cantillana Nature Reserve was created in 2008 as an initiative and main objective of the Altos de Cantillana Corporation, which brings together the four major owners of the Cordón Altos de Cantillana.
Our visión is the conservation of the three attributes of biodiversity (composition, structure and function) at all levels, and ensuring the benefits of ecosystem services that biodiversity provides this; promoting economic and social development at the local level.
The Reserve includes the land above an altitude of 1,000 meters and is a unique reservoir of wildlife at a regional, national, and even global level. Along with characteristic flora and fauna, you can observe a series of ecological processes that have been maintained through the extension of the area and controlled human use.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Fernanda Romero
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

• Conserve Biodiversity Altos Cantillana Private Nature Reserve.
• Improve the quality of the habitat of endangered species living in the Reserve.
• Linking the actors who directly or indirectly are related to the Reserve in conservation activities and extension.
• Promote and generate activity of scientific and technical research to increase knowledge of the area to continuously improve the management of the Reserve
• Promoting environmental education and awareness of Communities and Local

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals