Animal Experience International

Local community groups know how to help the animals in their area. We provide them with hands and feet and they take the management in programs.

About the Project

Animals around the world need our assistance. Wildlife monitoring, rehabilitation, spay/ release, sanctuaries and many more programs have come to Animal Experience International to ask how we can help them. We can provide them with any type of volunteer they are interested in- vet to chef, design to cleaner. We make sure animals are being served and humans are treated justly while people travel and volunteer with these local community groups.

Social Impact

While we work on changing public opinion to make conversation an important investment, we will not let the floor drop out from these families who are trying to make a living. We also work doing educational programs with the people in the areas we work. We never take management roles so we can make sure the community is more than a stakeholder in the conservation plans in their area.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Nora Livingstone
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
enrichment for monkeys! A parrot is ready for release! A volunteer medicates a parrot. volunteers fix a wildlife enclosure Primates wait for release after rehabilitation. A sun bear eats a snack. Volunteers take a look at enclosures. Volunteers take enrichment to animal patients Volunteers tag a sea turtle before release. Mangrove planting in Costa Rica! Your backyard! A waterfall adventure during a day off. A turtle is pulled from the ocean for tagging. A volunteer gets ready to release a turtle. Your backyard A Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka A volunteer prepares a volunteer for cleaning. Volunteers release babies into the ocean! A critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Volunteers take a boat to the project site. Early morning patrol. Your backyard. The patrol beach. An injured turtle gets care. A hawksbill turtle receiving care. Takhi, Mongolian Wild Horses. A volunteer out hiking looking for takhi. Takhi on the Mongolian steppe. The scientific research base. Monuments in UB, Mongolia's capital. We walk elephants, we never ride them. dolphin monitoring has many pictures!! The beautiful town our volunteers live in. Citizen scientists, taking a break from science. A rescued Galgo: Lucas Galgo love. Southern Spain. Aquatherapy Your backyard The beach!

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