BEES Elephant Sanctuary

Caring for elephants and rescued animals at the sanctuary . Immerse yourself in Thai Culture and join in community projects - teaching English etc

About the Project

Created by it's founders Burm Rinkaew and Emily McWilliam to raise awareness for the plight of Asian elephants and to provide a home for all elephants and animals in need to receive rest, rehabilitation and care.
Join our Volunteer Program helping us care for the elephants and rescued animals at BEES. Experience living the Thai way in our unique traditional Thai style rooms or in the local village homestays (a mattress on the floor with mosquito net)
Help us, to help and care for them!

Social Impact

Raising Awareness for elephant and animal welfare.

Working with local children to Teach English so they can have better opportunities.

Community Projects that help benefit the community.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Emily McWilliam
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Volunteers collecting pumpkins in a local farm Elephants playing in the mud Elephant Treats An elephant walks peacefully in the forest Rescued dog on a walk to observe the elephants Volunteer rooms in local village home are basic