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Culture & Arts Big Beyond

Big Beyond

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Project Details

We offer enriching experiences for adventurous individuals through high impact volunteer programs in some of the world's most beautiful yet fragile places.

Over the last few years Big Beyond has been exploring some of Southern and East Africa's most remote places in jam-packed rickety buses, pick-ups, cement trucks, boats, dug-out canoes, by foot and on motorbikes organizing hundreds of meetings with diverse and disadvantaged communities, local grassroots organisations, governments, national parks and international volunteers in the field.
Big Beyond has found places in real need of support, where international volunteer programs will offer genuine opportunities to contribute to the sustainable conservation and development of some of the earth's most fragile, but beautiful and inspiring places. Big Beyond's ambition is to connect people and nature in underprivileged corners of the globe, and to inspire individuals to make a difference, to do something amazing, to experience what's beyond. And so Big Beyond was born.

Beyond boundaries

We love the natural world and people. Thinking beyond the needs of today's generations to allow our natural world a real future is one of Big Beyond's key objectives. Protected areas such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are saving some of the world's most endangered species. Without them, even more places would be cultivated, logged, mined and farmed, with knock-on environmental effects devastating to local generations, as well as the seemingly far away global community. Through our work with local communities to assist and actively protect these areas, Big Beyond also importantly look towards opportunities for local people to enjoy the benefits of conservation through tourism, or allied enterprises. Big Beyond volunteers make a real contribution to the growth and well-being of communities, and neighbouring wildlife, creating positive impact that lasts.

Beyond boundaries

We love directly investing human resource into communities. Big Beyond works right at the grassroots, hand-in-hand with individuals and groups in remote villages, empowering communities towards sustainable development. We've learnt that more can be achieved through sharing knowledge, skills, fresh ideas and motivation, than simply financial handouts - especially for sustainable results to be achieved. We continuously listen to the challenges and ambitions of local communities, and their plight to protect their natural surroundings – all of which are interlinked - and carefully invest the time and experience of our volunteers to relevant project goals. Our approach is holistic including initiatives relating to health, enterprise, education, conservation, tourism and culture.

Beyond beaten paths

We love discovering inspiring destinations that blow people away. Big Beyond volunteer sites are located in some of the world's most fragile yet beautiful places, which provide adventurous souls incredible and unique travel and volunteer experiences. Big Beyond programmes are currently offered in East Africa: Uganda and Ethiopia. We've carefully selected sites that genuinely need the help we can offer, where communities welcome our ideas and contribution, where Big Beyonders will make a positive difference and where travel experiences of a lifetime will be found.

Beyond expectations

We love extraordinary experiences. Big Beyond believe international volunteer programmes should always be productive for both the local community as well as for the volunteers themselves. It's our passion to find that balance. We create a unique platform from which our volunteers can truly immerse in the communities they live and work, facilitate high-impact bespoke volunteer programmes and have passionate international and local teams on the ground helping make the individual experience of each and every volunteer possible.

Beyond volunteering

Our mission is to facilitate, with integrity, the world's best international volunteer programmes for ambitious and adventurous individuals seeking experiences far beyond the norm, open to personal or professional growth, unique travel experiences and the opportunity to genuinely be part of sustainable conservation and development efforts in Africa.

Why Big Beyond?

  • Beyond Experience. Life changing challenges in the world’s most fascinating places, beyond the tourist trail, beyond anything you’ve seen, heard, tasted, smelt and felt before.
  • Make a real difference. Contribute to sustainable development and conservation that improves the lives of disadvantaged people and the places they inhabit.
  • Incredible destinations. Immerse yourself amongst fascinating cultures in the world’s most beautiful places
  • Quality expeditions. Whilst living in a remote and rural location, we’ll house you in comfy accommodation, prepare you good grub and design appropriate placements. You’ll be well looked after, when you want it, by a motivated and great team of people.
  • Personal and career benefits. We offer truly authentic, ethical and tailored overseas volunteer work in incredible places for ambitious and adventurous souls seeking a new challenge.
  • Great value. We’ve kept our prices to a minimum, but we’ll deliver a well-managed and complete experience.
Do something out of your ordinary ... discover the Big Beyond

Travel to incredible places, meet inspiring people, build your skills and make a sustainable impact, all at the same time.

  • You'll affordably travel to remote, unique and inspiring places, meeting people you're unlikely to ever know and understand as a tourist
  • You'll live and work hand-in-hand with rural communities genuinely immersing within a very different culture and learning the challenges and opportunities of Africa with your very own eyes
  • You'll have the chance to challenge yourself in a new environment, with both personal and career benefits
  • You'll have the opportunity to build relevant experience through our tailored and thoughtful programmes in Africa
  • You'll be doing something meaningful every day, all of our programmes focus on real issues and it's our job to apply what you have to offer in a creative and impactful way

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Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Lizzie Trudgeon
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Social Impact

Big Beyond's mission is to facilitate, with integrity, the world's best international volunteer programs for ambitious and adventurous individuals seeking experiences far beyond the norm, open to personal or professional growth, unique travel experiences and the opportunity to genuinely be part of sustainable conservation and development efforts in Africa.

Make a difference

This is a chance to understand first-hand and contribute directly to diverse challenges and opportunities in Africa.

  • It's a unique way to 'give something back' and appreciate what you've been fortunate enough to experience in your own life
  • An accessible opportunity to physically contribute to something you're passionate about
  • It's energising to be proactive and involved in work towards positive sustainable change
  • You can't change the world overnight, but you can certainly help create a stepping stone towards a better tomorrow
  • If your knowledge, time, dedication and experience can make a difference to just one individual, imagine what all of us together can achieve
  • You'll realise how needed and appreciate local people are where you participate
  • It's far more meaningful and purposeful than a holiday - and therefore more impactful to you and the places you visit
  • You may actually end up 'receiving' just as much as you give - volunteering in places like this makes a difference to Africa and you

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals