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The Boffins Elderly community brings together over 200 women aged above 50 years to address challenges of old age.

The aged Communities are groups of elderly women aged over 50 years coming together to solve challenges associated with old age.
The communities were established in 2010 in the villages of Namaliri, Kasawo and Kangulumira.

Many aged women in the rural villages of Uganda are living helplessly alone in their huts while others are left with the duty of looking after their grandchildren. This is because their children are either dead of abandoned their duties to these aged parents.

Many youths in Uganda are not productive and have left their duties to the aged. The aged community therefore has to fend for themselves.

The objectives of the project are;

1. Establishing the aged home. Since most of the aged parents are living without care, it is difficult to look after them in isolation. We want a home where the very old people who lack support can be kept as they get proper care and treatment

2. Reducing social challenges affecting the elderly people. Volunteers will be helping in the home visits, helping the medical staff at the health unit and counseling the elderly especially those with Fatigue, stress and depression.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Stephen Okhutu
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

The project aims at creating the following effects;

1. Improving the health conditions of the elderly.
2. Promoting food security for the aged.
3. Establish an elderly home in the rural village of Kateete
4. Create a fund that will support the children under the care of the elderly grandparents

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