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Learning Center Supporter Bookbridge


Learning Center Supporter
Ulan-Bator, Mongolia Bookbridge-Logo by Bookbridge
Free of charge
12 - 48 weeks
The aim of the Volunteer Program is to build the capacity of local staff, supporting and developing the day-to-day operations of one of our learning center in Mongolia.

Project Details

Bookbridge Mongolia sets up learning centers as social business to bring quality education to local community in rural area of Mongolia.

BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise that sets up learning centers as social businesses in rural areas of Mongolia, Cambodia and Shri Lanka. The learning centers bring quality education to people in need and serve as real life case studies in our “Capability Program” for international executives to learn project planning, working with multiple stakeholders and leading diverse teams in different cultural contexts.
Eleven learning centers have been established in rural communities of Mongolia through this project since 2009.
The learning centers offer English courses, IT and life skills to various age groups, run libraries with English and Mongolian books, organize events, competitions as well as speaking, movie and scout clubs. We recruit international volunteers that come and work at our learning centers helping us to improve the English teaching skills of our teachers and motivate children and youth to learn English.
We aim at establishing learning centers in most of provinces in Mongolia in the next few years.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Altantungalag Munkhjargal
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

These educational programs will have an impact on increasing the local employment opportunities for young adults and enhance university acceptance rates for students from rural area. The students don’t need to travel to the capital city to have success to quality education, which they couldn't afford, too.
Additionally, the new learning center brings some new job opportunities to the region.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals