C. Vecinal Nicolas Avellaneda

Discover the Centro Vecinal Nicolas Avellaneda, a local NGO aiming at giving the kids and youth of the neighbourhood the chance for a brighter future

About the Project

The marginal urban zones around Córdoba in Argentina are growing bigger and bigger and have been forgotten by governmental policies. More and more people are left without a proper job and thus entire families are falling into poverty without any sort of improvement in sight. Education in these communities is very poor and public schools do not have the infrastructure, staff and expertise required to cope with this ever growing population. This leaves an entire young generation without hope and perspectives for the future. This represents thousands of children that grow up without the proper tools and knowledge to find any professional opportunities. Unfortunately, these people often only find refuge in drugs and violence, leading to an environment that further drives the community into poverty, hopelessness and danger.

Out of this difficult situation, a small group of people decided to create hope for their community and created the Centro Vecinal Nicolas Avellaneda. They created a space where kids and young adults from the neighbourhood could go to in order to learn good values, keep off the streets and get the necessary motivation to make something good with their lives.

Psychology Assistant & Community Worker Education Associate
Social Impact

Their main activities include:
- Organising daily afternoon activities for the kids of the neighbourhood.
- Building a formation center for additional education and professional apprenticeships.
- Provide psychological help and guidance to the young adults of the community.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Clemira Ortega
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