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Camps International

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Project Details

Camps International is dedicated to delivering vital community and conservation solutions throughout South America, South East Asia and East Africa.

Camps International is a social enterprise on a global scale

We at Camps International are a family of a dozen nationalities spread around the world, with one common goal. Dedicated to a responsible travel model, we are pioneers, striving to bring about positive change. Furthermore we believe in making all of the experiences of all of our volunteers truly exceptional. We believe in making a positive impact on the lives of the people in our host communities, as well as our volunteers. We believe in aiming for excellence in everything that we do.

What we do matters. 

Camps International's ethical and commercial objectives go hand in hand – we’re fully committed to the projects we start and the communities we work with. We understand change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s achieved through long-term collaboration and real social enterprise. The Camps International business model is designed to have maximum, long term impact in partnership with the communities we are based within. Hence, we have developed the following principles:

  • We run all our own trips and projects
  • Our camps are built and run by local people
  • We don’t believe in handouts – we work with communities so they can empower themselves and generate their own income
  • We protect and conserve wildlife – on land and in the ocean
  • We love our environment. We plant trees… Lots of them
  • We’re committed to quality and to making your experience outstanding
  • We connect you with the real world and real people. You’re joining a new, global family that includes us, and the communities to which we belong

What we don’t do 

  • We don’t cut corners in our safety, ethics, integrity or responsibilities
  • We never abandon our projects – we always finish what we start
  • We don’t sell cheap trips; we sell incredible trips without compromise
  • We don’t run pointless projects. Everything we do matters and creates lasting impact

Why Choose Camps International?

For most people, an expedition like this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of deal. That’s why we work so hard to make our experiences unique. When you join us, you get all of us. Camps International runs all of our own trips and projects and we take care of everything, offering you support before, during and after your experience so that every single detail is covered. 

We operate across four continents and share a common goal: solving global problems on a local scale. We embed ourselves at the heart of local communities. We are part of their culture, and as a result, we get to work with some of the most interesting, exciting and innovative people in turning their entrepreneurial ideas into reality in some of the world’s most exciting emerging markets.

Unrivalled Safety Procedures

This is the most important aspect of your expedition and something we take very seriously. Unlike most UK expedition companies, our operations team consisting of over 100 staff are mainly located where you are, in the expedition destination, as well as our team in UK. This means we are on hand to prevent and deal with incidents rather than just react to them from afar and we have professional and experienced staff to provide a fully supported expedition round the clock.

Through experience, we at Camps International know where the dangers and pitfalls are, and as a result of thorough risk assessments and constant awareness we do all that is possible to keep you safe and well.

Contribute to safe learning environments Community and Environmental Assistant Community and Marine Conservation Assistant Community and Conservation Assistant Community and Reforestation Assistant Community Assistant & Wildlife Conservation Community Outreach and School Development Support Local Schools Enhancing Learning Environments Improve Schools and Support Micro Enterprises Providing Safe Learning Environments Improving Education & Local Infrastructure Improving Infrastructure and School Facilities Support Communities and Promote Food Security Community Initiatives & Marine Conservation Improving School Infrastructure and Reforestation Support Coastal Community Development Diverse Community Development Assistant
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Hannah Davies
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Social Impact

Camps International has achieved a lot since 2002

  • We employ and train hundreds of people in rural areas where there is little or no employment
  • We sustain over 100 projects worldwide that benefit over 30,000 people
  • We have built over 30 schools and thousands of school desks
  • We have protected over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat
  • We have constructed over 200,000 litres of clean water storage
  • Planted 700,000 trees
  • Built over 2000 fuel efficient stoves
  • Cleared 15 tonnes of marine refuse from fragile coastlines

Real Solutions For The Real World

At Camps International, we believe in working together hand-in-hand with local communities across the globe to find more effective ways to do things. And we’re in it for the long haul, meaning that the projects you do with us will continue to benefit and transform the communities we work with long after your flight home. That’s our promise.

You’re in the hands of the community you live in. You will work collaboratively with them on projects that are based on what they believe needs doing. So one thing is for sure, your work will be purposeful and make maximum impact.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals