Camps International

Camps International is dedicated to delivering vital community and conservation solutions throughout South America, South East Asia and East Africa.

About the Project

Camps International is a Social Enterprise by definition but our niche is delivering life enhancing travel experiences for young people across the world. The camps which our volunteers stay in are built in the heart of communities and wildlife reserves with whom we work and are staffed by the local people who have grown up there. We build locally, employ locally and buy whatever resources we can locally.
Before a camp is established we agree objectives with the community to enhance their way of life, protect their environment and conserve the local wildlife. This process defines the purpose for each camp and the experiences that you, as a volunteer, will immerse yourself in.
Camp International volunteer programs offer you the perfect mix of community, wildlife and environment projects, allowing you to learn about and contribute to a variety of initiatives during your stay.

We love what we do and we hope you choose to make your mark in the world with us.

Social Impact

  • We employ and train hundreds of people in rural areas where there is little or no employment.
  • We sustain over 100 projects worldwide that benefit over 30,000 people.
  • We have built over 30 schools and thousands of school desks.
  • We have protected over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat.
  • We have constructed over 200,000 litres of clean water storage. 
  • Planted 700,000 trees.
  • Built over 2000 fuel efficient stoves. 
  • Cleared 15 tonnes of marine refuse from fragile coastlines. 

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Hannah Davies
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Hard at work New Friends School project Maasai culture Beach view from Camp Amazon Accommodation Colca Canyon Working with children Building traditional housing Kidia Camp Accommodation Rural village life Tanga Coast Football with the locals - Tsavo, Kenya Kenya Accommodation Colca Canyon Work in schools Getting to know the locals New Friends School project Camp Dining area Camp Accommodation Rural village life Desk making Amazon Accommodation Improving school facilities on the island Mantanani Island Teaching at the island school Authentic cultural experiences Beautiful Indian Ocean beaches Rustic Muhaka Camp Stunning Tsavo Camp School Project Conservation work and game drives Kinabatangan River Beautiful Angkor Wat Longhouse style accomodation Teaching on Mantanani Island Football with the locals! Mantanani Island Ariel Shot Mantanani Island ariel view Building projects on the island Accommodation at Tsavo, Kenya Camp Tanga, Tanzania

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