Changing Worlds

Volunteer with the local community and experience what life in really like in rural Philippines.

About the Project

The beautiful island of Palawan is the perfect place to become a volunteer. You will fall in love the welcoming Filipino people, the stunning beaches and the peace and tranquilly the island brings.
You can get involved in a range of project in Palawan, from building and construction to teaching in a local school.
Volunteers here are so welcomed by the local people who will love to hear all about your home life. They cultural and social exchange will be as important as the volunteer work you do. You truly will find you have Filipino friends for life after this experience.

Social Impact

Some parts of the rural areas of the Philippines will have little of no contact with English speaking people, English speaking volunteers in the area can help the whole community to practise their English skills which in turn will improve future job prospects.
The volunteers also should be prepared to learn lots themselves, from learning tagalog (the Filipino language) to fishing techniques. It will be a learning experience for all involved.

Contact Person
James Burton
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