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Teaching Associate Child Survival Aid Ghana

Child Survival Aid Ghana

Accra, Ghana Child Survival Aid Ghana-Logo by Child Survival Aid Ghana
4 - 50 weeks
One of Child Survival Aid Ghana’s primary goals is to promote all varieties of volunteering through cultural exchange.

Project Details

Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG) is a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting underprivileged children in rural communities.

Child Survival Aid Ghana sees it as core duty to improve the teaching, reading and education of underprivileged children in rural communities in Ghana.

Our mission is to reach out to underprivileged children in rural communities through education so that they may grow up to become knowledgeable and active participants in the society because through education the vicious cycle of poverty in rural communities can be broken. Through education children will acquire everlasting skills to become more productive members in the society.

Our goal is to keep many children in the classroom by supporting their education. This will help them develop their educational talents and future potentials. To create and ensure a sustainable future for rural poor children by supporting both girls and boys with educational inputs such as textbooks, exercise books, uniforms and other study materials.

Our Values: Respect and Dignity for All: Child Survival Aid Ghana aims to treat all children with deep respect. We believe that such respect is transformative – both to practice and action.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Contact Person
Emmanuel Adika Benedict
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

All members of the community want to see the children actively participating in activities that will enhance their education. By keeping students involved in academic enrichment activities that positively affect the school attendance and academic performance of its students through the following:.
1. Provide enrichment activities after school hours.
2. Reduce the number of students likely to drop out of school.
3. Reduce the number of students displaying negative behavior.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals