Childline Uganda Mityana

Helping HIV/AIDS infected women farmers develop through savings and loan associations.
We form and monitor such groups in villages to help them.

About the Project

When childline Uganda (CL) Started in 2009 we saw that women and children are the most affected groups of people in the community most especially those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children like orphans and disabled. In the year 2014 we began forming groups of the many women who had approached us that they do not have money and help for their households. These women are HIV/AIDS positive and are striving to see that their children and households are living in a better life. So we started forming groups among these women for them to join hands and start working together to fight for the common cause (poverty). These groups (women) started saving some little money and by now we have eight (8) groups of women with 30 members each.
These groups have shown up a change in the life of the women since they can now work together and find a solution to any problem that comes across them.
We need volunteers to help us in our work of helping vulnerable children and women infected and affected with HIV in the community.

Social workers
Social Impact

The project has made relatively considerable impact in the community like; increasing on the income of the members of the groups since they are borrowing money from the groups without finding any difficulty; the group members find it easy for them to fight a problem of poor adherence to drugs; social problem like violence have been suppressed in their communities; many people have liked the theme (village saving and loan associations) and are yawning for help from us to form groups in villages.

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