Colorful Chances

Providing chances, support, attention and love to the underprivileged in Suriname.

About the Project

As a foundation Colorful Chances Suriname wishes to provide attention, support and love to children in need in order to make them appreciate life and laugh again. Currently active in Suriname and French Guyana, we hope to assist in the development of opportunities.

In Suriname there remain to be many children and adults. Who do not have access to common educational, social, cultural and medical facilities. Therefore, we wish to provide assistance in procuring the basic needs to the underprivileged.

Chances for children and disadvantaged individuals in Suriname through adoption, education, creativity, microloans, sewing courses and taking care of children. In order to govern the welfare of the children and adults we hope to share our inspiration of idealism and share the talented people we have uncovered in Suriname and the Netherlands.

Social Impact

Courses provided by Colorful Chances are meant to stimulate the development for different groups. The following courses will be continued: sewing, musical instruments, dancing, first-aid and bible study.

Courses are open for people of all ethnicity and religion. The projects of CCS are meant to increase the well being of the community entailing: children, families and especially single mothers in Suriname and parts of French-Guyana.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Contact Person
Jolan Gaaikema
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What can you do?
Class Wanica Sewing New Nickerie Sewing course in action Sewing Student Sewing Instructor with Student