CREATA is a sport, peace and development agency.

About the Project

CREATA is founded in 2007. Our Vision is a peaceful, transformed society and a just world. Our Mission is to enhance peace, development and human solidarity though sports. Our values are: Love for Nationhood; Peace; Servant Leadership; Human dignity; Presence; Sincerity and volunteerism. Our programs include Sports for Peace and Development;; School Based Agribusiness; Education Savings Fund; Economic Empowerment; Peace and Governance; Theatre and Music project

Social Impact

26,618 school going children with Hygiene messages.
15,000 children with access to improved football pitches within 2km of their schools
40,767 children trained in football and life-skills with improved knowledge in Hygiene
38 students enrolled in Secondary schools as a result of the Elimu Savings fund.
Increased enrollement of parents in the Elimu savings Fund from 158 in the year 2013 to 300 in 2014
38 girls teams formed increased girl participation in sports.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Paul Ogalo
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Exchange between a Dutch team and CREATA Coach instructing girls team before competion Coaches Training in Rapogi Football for Water, Sanitation and hygiene Hygiene promotion using football in schools