Drive Aid Ghana

Building Faith, Raising Hope, Sharing Love !

About the Project

Welcome to Drive Aid Ghana, a nonprofit organization working to improve child welfare and sustainable community empowerment in the rural poor communities of Ghana. We seek to advocate the use of local resource for sustainable eradication of hunger and poverty.

Our projects span from child support, education, agricultural, health and socioeconomic development activities for the social good of the communities we serve and help combat poverty and hunger. At the core of our vision is building faith through education, raising hope through voluntary service and sharing love through community involvement and partnerships

Our mission is to sustain smiles in the faces of everyday hero’s in Africa.

Supporting rural areas
Social Impact

Malnutrition & Hunger
Basic Education for Children
Feeding program for rural poor people in Ghana

At the moment 368 Children and 5 communities are currently benefiting from our projects, all depending on our 5 acre farm, imagine the possibilities when we are able to expand.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
Drive Aid Ghana offers volunteer opportunities in
The main focus of Drive Aid Ghana is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Clement Matorwmasen
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