El Paseo de los Monos

Rehabilitation of animals that have been victimized because of illegal trafficking in the Ecuadorian rain forest.

About the Project

Los Monos is a group of Swiss and Ecuadorian people working to preserve the rain forest for 12 years now. We are running a project of rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in the Ecuadorian rain forest. The work happens in 1 hectare of preserved forest where we can receive sick and injured animals that have suffered captivity, poaching and abuse. Our job is to offer these animals, many of them are endangered species, a good life quality in their natural habitat and insert them into family groups of other rescued animals according to their species. Among the species we help, there are 6 species of monkeys, coatis, parrots, wild rodents and pigs, turtles, ocelots and snakes. Another part of our mission is forestation and environmental education to the local people and visitors.

We are planning to expand Paseo de los Monos in order to have the capacity to receive and help more animals. Our biggest concern is that we do not receive any help from the government or from local authorities as we do from international help.

We offer people from all over the world volunteering opportunities involving many different activities. The experience for our volunteers is life changing!

Social Impact

Los Monos has been working in conservation of flora and fauna in the amazon rain forest for 12 years. The creation of the rescue center for wildlife has given us the opportunity to help and rehabilitate hundreds of wild animals who suffered from illegal traffic. Most of them being orphans who lost their mothers in the hands of poachers and sold as pets. We have also created the first serpentarium of the province for rescue of snakes.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Yvan Bouvier
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