Brings together medical professionals, students and prospective students to help us run free medical care for poor rural communities in Africa

About the Project

The medical mission volunteer work is providing healthcare to poor villages in Africa with no healthcare facility and with none in sight of about 50 miles radius. As a group on medical mission, we go to these villages, met by the villagers and those from other villages nearby but non- accessible by car walk 30 minutes to 4 hours to receive healthcare and health education. We set up clinic under trees, in a local classroom, at the village square or inside a local church.

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Social Impact

For people in deprived and isolated communities in Africa, going to the hospital is the last resort, and mostly it means it is too late or much more expensive to save the person. This is the reason why we organize Medical mission volunteer work to serve these poor places without taking away the local doctors from the already crowded facilities. We screen for early detection and treatment where possible. We are the hope of several new-born babies, born at home, never been seen by a doctor.

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