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Firefly Uganda is fighting environmental issues while working hand in hand with the local communities of the Ssese Islands. Join our quest for a better future!

Firefly Uganda is a project to bring together believers and visionaries, to create a new model of life where co-responsibility, solidarity and sustainability come together to form a complete interconnected cycle. We believe that all the problems of the world are interconnected, and so believe that all these issues should be tackled as one. To do this, we have identified a region of the world where we can create a model that will show people that by uniting instead of splintering our efforts we can achieve real change. 

Located on one of Uganda’s 84 paradise islands, in the lush Equatorial jungle of Banda Island, Firefly Uganda showcases how easy it is to live without fossil fuels, working with the environment not only to protect the future of this world, but to enhance the lives of the people that inhabit it. We are tackling global environmental issues whilst working hand in hand with the local communities of the Ssese Islands, providing schools, better education, healthcare and environmental sustainability. 

We are building alternative energy supplies that thrive off clean, natural resources; toilet composting systems that no longer contaminate the lake, supplying methane gas to cookers and heaters and feed the permaculture farms that provide natural foods to our table; running water purification systems that are easy to build and understand, making usage and maintenance easy for the local communities.

We are setting up adult educational and vocational programs to allow the local community to grow financially stable, whilst showcasing the possibility of a model of financial success and stability that is environmentally sustainable.

Our volunteer camp brings together young international people from all over the world to take part in our work in the school, on building projects, in the permaculture farm and in all aspects of making Firefly Uganda’s vision a reality. Our volunteers gain valuable skills and life experience whilst discovering foreign cultures, taking part in new adventures and exploring all the beauty this country has to offer.

Ultimately, we are looking to build a global community of skilled, passionate and confident individuals who want to come together to crate a positive, carbon-free, sustainable impact in the world they inhabit.

Transparency, honesty and cooperation with the local community is very important to us. We are not here to impose ourvalues, but to work with the people to find solutions to the problems we have identified together. We gain ideas, advice and expertise from the community, our volunteers and donors worldwide. 

Creating a diverse environment allows our projects to develop in a way that not only brings about effective solutions, but also respects the values and traditions of the community. This means we are able to learn from the community and our supporters just as much as we can expect others to learn from us. It is only by working together that we can achieve better things. 

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Here on the Ssese Islands, on Lake Victoria, Uganda, we have the highest rate of HIV, and the highest rate of primary school to secondary school drop out in the world. As we focus our efforts on creating effective and efficient environmental systems to help create simple infrastructure for the region, we are also working hand in hand with the communities to help gain access to education and healthcare. 

At present, we are building a school on Banda Island, for the many children that would otherwise have no, or very intermittent, schooling. Our base camp, near the local village, is a test model for all the environmental systems that we will be putting into place in the future, for all the communities that struggle to have access to clean running water, electricity, and sewage. 

We have already created a simple and very effective water purification system, that is easily replicable and easily adaptable; as well as designing and building one of the most efficient toilet composting systems ever made. We run completely on solar energy, but will eventually draw power from wind and methane catchments as well. 

Solar boats, for easier, cheaper, and faster transportation, a higher education facility focusing on environmental and conservation programs, and a floating doctor service, are all part of our plans to help people live with dignity, while enjoying symbiosis with their environment. 

We are Firefly Uganda, and we are asking people to join our quest to help these wonderful people, and to help us tackle the global environmental issues that effect us all. 

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