Through our sustainable programs, we envision the transformed communities leading to a better world, a world of equality, economic and social justice

About the Project

Nepal is landlocked country in Southern Asia between China and India. . Nepal is well known for natural beauty and its own culture.

FOCUSED is an initiative, working for the uplift and betterment of orphan, semi-orphan, poor and needy children, youth, women and community by increasing their access to skills and resources through local volunteers, international volunteers, local donors, international donors and donor agencies. It uses its resources and technology to spread knowledge and increase capacity of people, maintain community’s infrastructures and resources for its effective mobilization.

We believe that real sustainable change happens and with sincere efforts and dedication of the team. It should be led locally and should be driven by building effective long-term programs and activities. We work to effectively manage projects for humanitarian and community development to develop talent resources with justified budgets, aid rightfully distributed, better documented and communication channels formed in order for societies to really become empowered.

We focus on actions to bring positive, immediate and lasting changes for enhancing quality of life of deserving.

Teaching Low-Income Family's Children
Social Impact

With the project we will help bring change in the lives of children in the community. Sharing each other's culture, tradition, lifestyles will help broaden the mind, knowledge and skill of all the stakeholders. We will be able to bring difference in the lives of Nepal's community people and Nepali community to make better world.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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Rojina K.C.
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