Fundación Trascender

We are fighting poverty and social inequalities in Chile by helping the homeless in Antofagasta through workshops and activities that help them build a better future.

About the Project

Fundación Trascender is a Chilean organisation that strives to fight against poverty and social inequalities. In Antofagasta, Fundación Trascender is engaging professionals to volunteer in social organisations, hence creating social interactions for those who often have been missing it for too long.

By working with many social organisations and by organising appropriate trainings and workshops, Fundación Trascender gives those people the dignity they deserve. The idea is to provide them with the tools to improve their own lives and to start caring about themselves and their families. They also encourage them to abandon drugs and the streets to find a job and, hopefully, a new meaning for their lives. In the Hogar de Cristo center, the homeless can find a bed, a shower and two meals a day. Furthermore, they can enjoy the company of other people and participate in the many educational workshops. Fundación Trascender helps Hogar de Cristo to work in a better way through their volunteers network.

Social Worker at a Homeless Shelter Education Assistant at a Homeless Shelter Art Teacher at a Homeless Center
Social Impact

Their main activities include:
- Engaging professionals to volunteer in social organisations
- Organising educational workshops for those living in poverty.
- Psychology sessions with vulnerable people.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
Fundación Trascender offers volunteer opportunities in
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Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Vicente Gerlach
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