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Building three communities: School by CCI, Family by Hosting, Social by Service

About the Project

The Global Exchange–Community Change Program (GE-CC) is a community project aims to revitalize the area surrounding a newly built apartment complex, schools etc for people who have relocated from underprivileged areas within the city. Residents, local supporters and volunteers from Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Germany, Egypt, France, China etc are coming together to transform the community through participation in environmental projects, educational initiatives, community service and other activities.

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Social Impact

Eu sou apaixonado por esse Projeto desde quando foi lançado. Creio que como agente de mudança, tenho muito a oferecer! Quero ver a comunidade Jardim do Cerrado sendo cada vez mais desenvolvida! Pedro Paulo Filizzola Francalacci, a volunteer

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Massimo Trombin
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