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Project Details

GoEco is a leading ecotourism company with more than 150 wildlife, humanitarian and environmental projects worldwide.

How it all began

The GoEco volunteer organization was established in 2005 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal. They both hold University degrees in Environmental/Geography studies. Both have traveled extensively, participated in and created international ecological projects. 

Based on their extensive experience, Gilben and Tal introduced the concept of volunteer tourism in Israel and created volunteer projects locally for participating international volunteers. They successfully ran their first volunteer project at the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Michmoret, on the Mediterranean Sea, during the summer of 2006. 

Israel Program

GoEco has established dozens of ecological and humanitarian programs in cooperation with organizations both in the Arab and Jewish sectors of Israel. The organization offers an informed and vetted selection of projects to GoEco participants. Their target audience is the ecologically concerned and adventurous traveler who wants to explore a region first-hand and to get to know the local people, customs and eco-system through a vetted and organized volunteer program. GoEco organizes the logistical aspects of each program in Israel, including accommodations, subsistence, security, volunteer working structure and leisure activities. GoEco ensures that each volunteer arrives prepared and ready to participate in a program that welcomes the volunteers' help and assistance.

International Program

GoEco arranges for hundreds of Israeli and international volunteers each year to participate in ecological and humanitarian programs initiated by its partner organizations around the world. Through careful preliminary on-line interviewing, GoEco connects each volunteer with the most suitable program. GoEco selects the best available programs around the world, updates the availability and timing of projects, validates the quality and reputation of the projects and assists the volunteer in preparing for the trip.

GoEco's Mission

  • Encourage ecological and volunteer tourism that promotes sustainable development. 
  • Enable travelers to experience different and more rewarding kinds of tourism.
  • Encourage travelers to volunteer for the benefit of others and thus to serve as a good-will ambassadors to other countries in the world.
  • Encourage travelers from all over the world to come to Israel for ecological and community-based programs, in both the Arab and Jewish sectors, and experience first-hand the unique cultural and natural diversity of this region.
  • Support environmental and humanitarian programs that promote understanding and good will between ethnic societies in Israel.
  • Conduct further research in the field of ecological tourism, such as the 'Ecological Footprint' as a tool for sustainable tourism development.
  • Establish an in-depth and up-to-date database of relevant projects worldwide.
  • Create a platform from which to explore the various organizations that support the environment and actively encourage volunteering.
Why should I choose to volunteer through GoEco?
  • GoEco prices are highly competitive and, are usually cheaper than trying to do it yourself.  In most cases, our prices include travel health insurance.  
  • We offer excellent customer service from start to finish.  We answer our phone calls and always return emails within 1 – 2 days or sooner.  GoEco also has a 24 hour emergency phone number for volunteers to use if they need support while traveling.  
  • GoEco has nine years of experience and has placed more than 5000 volunteers at projects.
  • The GoEco Placement Coordinators are knowledgeable about all of our projects and will of course help you choose the best project(s) if you are undecided.  
  • GoEco continually updates the website in an effort to ensure that all information is easily accessible and accurate.  We regularly add new projects that our volunteers will find interesting.  
  • Once you register, GoEco will make sure you have all the information you need before your trip and will check in with you during your trip. That means should a problem arise, GoEco is there for you and will help find a resolution.
  • GoEco representatives have been to each of the projects we represent in order to vet the projects.  We only work with projects that value our volunteers and offer an excellent volunteering experience.  

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Linda Anderson
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

GoEco has been encouraging ecological and volunteer tourism that promotes sustainable development since its inception in 2005. We offer ecological and humanitarian programs initiated by our partner organizations around the world. We connect volunteers who are passionate about wildlife, conservation, and global communities with the most suitable programs through careful screening. We select the best programs around the world, update the availability and timing of projects, validate the quality and reputation of projects, and help volunteers prepare for the trip. 

Years of experience, research, and practice are behind the development of our programs. GoEco aims to offer you the best combination of affordable volunteer experiences with ecological vacation opportunities. 

Responsible Tourism Policy

GoEco exists to promote ecological and humanitarian programs to as wide an audience as possible. Responsible tourism is one of the key goals of the company and is achieved in the following manner:

  • GoEco works with and promotes local programs to a wide audience.
  • The number of volunteers is strictly controlled with the programs to minimize any environmental impact.
  • GoEco prepares and manages the expectations of volunteers before they depart.  
  • GoEco makes regular visits to the programs and volunteers to make sure both aspects run smoothly. 
  • GoEco constantly evaluates volunteer programs based on in-depth volunteer and organizational feedback. 
  • We are members of and work with local environmental and humanitarian bodies to help develop and promote important issues.
  • GoEco promotes environmental and responsible tourism in Israel, a country only starting to become aware of such important issues.
  • All volunteers are asked to take public transport to minimize pollution.
  • GoEco continuously develops and promotes responsible tourism locally and internationally.

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