Habiba Learning Center

After school learning center for community children through art, recycling, organic farming, music, yoga and a lot of fun.

About the Project

The project is based in Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt. Nuweiba is a previously prosperous tourist destination, however we are now aiming to redirect the communities interest and future towards organic agriculture and providing the community with after school classes. The community children do not have resources as children in big cities so we decided to start this after school learning center to give them a chance to express themselves and find out their talents and see the world in a different way ,open their eyes and find best ways to manage their very limited resources and protect the environment. Our goals are to simulaneously provide opportunities for the next generation, as well as support the community in achieving a sustainable income from environmentally friendly farming practices.

Social Impact

Improving the skill sets of community children. Teaching them how to interact with their environment, providing them with the resources to pursue extra-curricular activities and suppliment the conventional schooling system. The organic farm also acts as a teaching hub for Bedouin families, transfering knowledge gained on the farm and in collaboration with research institute across Egypt and abroad.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Maged El Said
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Knowledge Transfer: Permaculture The New Learning Center for Bedouin Children Preparing Clay A guided tour of the farm and learning center Organic Medjoul Dates An aerial view of a part of the farm

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