Healing Castle Schochwitz

The Healing Castle is a refuge for people who ask for help and support, and a symbol of protection and love.

About the Project

This is a guesthouse and spiritual centre where our guests can escape their day-to-day life and hustle and find quiet and peace within themselves.

We are located in a castle nestled among the hills of the Saale-Unstrut area in a small town called Schochwitz in the most northern wine region of Germany. It is close to Halle (Saale) and Leipzig.

Our goal is to work with volunteers, so we would like to welcome open-minded, creative people willing to do any kind of work such as cleaning, cooking, guest hospitality, gardening, building work, handy work and anything else that might come up. Also, we need volunteers who have some sense of responsibility and who take their work seriously when it is necessary. Our PRIORITY is maintaining and keeping our guesthouse clean. Our guests need to feel welcomed and at home, therefore it is also important that we as your hosts and you can work with other well and have fun at the same time. We welcome volunteers who do their best to help us and are open to learning whatever they can learn from us and other volunteers.

Are you open-minded, responsible and willing to try your best? Then go ahead and apply. We look forward to your message.

Social Impact

Healingcastle Schochwitz is a place of growth. Since we acquired the castle 7 years ago, it could not have happened without the trust and allowing for the process to happen, whilst working with determination, wonderful helpers and some luck.The Healingcastle is a refuge for people who ask for help and support, and a symbol of protection and love. Healingcastle Schochwitz invites all people to themselves, which serve the universe and those whom embarked on the long, rocky road of self-discovery.

Foundation Year
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Ingrid Staub
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