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Reader's Club / Club de Lecturas Honduras Child Alliance

Honduras Child Alliance

Reader's Club / Club de Lecturas
El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras Honduras Child Alliance-Logo by Honduras Child Alliance
6 - 50 weeks
This program immerses children in literacy activities in their native Spanish. We read aloud each day!
Porvenir English Program (PEP)
El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras Honduras Child Alliance-Logo by Honduras Child Alliance
6 - 50 weeks
PEP provides free English instruction for elementary, kinder and adult students in El Porvenir. Works in partnership with the Club de Lecturas.

Project Details

Our programs encourage children to share ideas and help each other. We develop social skills and literacy in both English and Spanish.

About us:

The Honduras Child Alliance is working to make life better for impoverished children in El Porvenir, Honduras. United by the desire to improve quality of life for both children and adults, we coordinate volunteer-powered programs to support educational enrichment, healthy living, creativity and community. From many countries and backgrounds, we work together to reinforce basic academic skills while enhancing development of critical thinking and decision-making capabilities.

The Honduras Child Alliance projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty in Honduras is perpetuated through lack of education.  As we look at the bright faces of the children in our community, it is impossible to not be conscious of the enormous wasted potential within these young lives due to lack of opportunity.

The heart of our program lies in the combined passion of our volunteers, project managers, donors and directors. From all over the world and from a true diversity of backgrounds, we are united by our love of children – – for who they are and for who they can become. This shared dedication blends into a unique and effective skill-set to support our educational and humanitarian projects.

As we collaborate to create viable opportunities for children in Honduras, we welcome volunteers, sponsors and co-operation with like-minded organizations.We value our partnerships with Honduran community members and with volunteers from all over the world. These give us a unique perspective and it is our intention for HCA projects to always cultivate this vital collaboration.

Eve Horowitz:

Eve Horowitz (USA) is the founder and Executive Director of the Honduras Child Alliance and she coordinates the recruiting and placement of our international volunteers. Her big secret (revealed here) is that although everyone knows that she gets mucho satisfaction from sending volunteers to work with the children in Honduras, she also gets tremendous joy from observing the impact on each volunteer as they return to their home countries.  They are transformed and never quite view their lives in the same way as before.  They’re not just changing Honduras – – they are changing the world!

In addition to  focusing on fundraising & program development, Eve brings a blend of creative and operational strengths to Honduras Child Alliance. With 20+ years of management & leadership experience, she is an accomplished fundraiser and commercial writer and specializes in the area of training and development.  With a B.A. in Education from Goddard College, she also has a Certificate in Fundraising from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled at the International Institute for Restorative Practices.  When not in Honduras, Eve resides in Pennsylvania, USA.

First visiting Honduras in 1992, Eve initially considered sponsoring Honduran children in need as a cross-cultural experience for her own two kids. As she understood more about the social issues facing impoverished children in Honduras, it became a larger mission. Recognizing that her actions and support could create immediate, tangible improvement in the children’s lives she began developing volunteer-powered programs that have evolved to become HCA. Eve travels to and from El Porvenir 4-5X each year and considers Honduras her second home.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Eve Horowitz
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We have worked in El Porvenir since 2009 and joined forces to become HCA in 2012.

We operate Spanish and English literacy programs in 3 locations for elementary age children. There is also an adult English class and some classes for kinder students. Our children receive healthy snacks and brush teeth too! In partnership with local fire-fighters, we host a biannual Emergency First Aid program taught by firefighters from Denmark. We partner with two Canadian dental teams each year as well.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals