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Imed vision is a NGO, supporting people in South Africa’s townships by means of medical consulting and education to improve the health of local children.

Every year, 6.2 million children die from preventable diseases before the age of five. Millions of children could be saved through proper education about the 10 most important diseases. i-med vision gives parents, educators and nurses access to knowledge, that is essential for children’s health - anywhere, at any time. By doing so, it is of great importance for i-med vision to consider the local population’s traditional understanding of diseases and to build a bridge between traditional and modern, scientific medicine.

The founders of i-med vision are Dr. Bärbel Reckhardt, a pediatrician, organisational consultant and mediator and Prof. Dr. Markus Reckhardt a neurologist and psychiatrist, head of the Center for Neurology and Pain Management, Klinikum Niederlausitz. Additionally, he is professor at the Institute of Medical Informatics at the Brandenburgische Technische University in Cottbus. Both have been committed to sustainable development aid in Southern Africa for more than 20 years. Together with their team, they pursue the vision to improve medical care and development.

Following an initial pilot phase in the year 2015, where the training concept was tested with two organisations, the first pilot rollout of the complete platform is scheduled for September 2016. This will take place in cooperation with the Grootbos Foundation (SA) in a self-contained township. The aim of the pilot is to adapt and fine-tune the program in real-life conditions. In addition it can then be further developed, leading to a possible expansion into any developing country. At the same time a scientific accompanying study is planned, measuring the platform’s impact on the education and progress of the local population’s medical knowledge.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Bärbel Reckhardt
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Social Impact

  • 12.000 people in Masakhane receive access to medical education and advice

  • 7.000 parents and nursery school teachers have access to medical information such as first aid, knowledge about the most important diseases, development disorders, preventative health (HIV, TBC), vaccinations, hygiene and nutrition, everywhere and at any time

  • 4500 children benefit from the programme’s particularly paediatric offer. Their parents can receive medical care at any time to prevent the children dying from complications of trivial diseases

    -  Parents are enabled to recognise signs of sexual abuse and violence. The knowledge application contains information about specific helplines for abused children

    -  Nurses in Day Clinics can consult specialists 24 /7

    -  The i-med programme is designed to be established in any other township worldwide and save thousands of children’s lives


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