Imire Wildlife Conservation

Hands-on rhino and elephant conservation at a private game park in Zimbabwe. Work alongside conservationists to help secure their future

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Project Background

Imire Game Park is internationally renowned for its black rhino breeding and release programme. The 10,000 acre reserve was given seven orphaned baby black rhino to raise in 1985 and since then 15 rhinos have been born at Imire and 11 released back into National Parks across Zimbabwe and Botswana. Now home to five black and two white rhino, Imire is also home to five elephants, four of whom were orphans who had outgrown their rescue sanctuaries. These elephants could never be released and have found a forever home in as natural an environment as possible. Imire is also home to a buffalo, lion, a huge range of plains game such as giraffe, zebra, waterbuck, kudu and the rare sable antelope.

Our wildlife conservation volunteers get involved with every aspect of game park life, with a focus on rhino and elephants. Walk with these amazing animals and study their behaviour; learn from experienced guides and support the dedicated Anti-Poaching Unit. Volunteers also work on game park building and maintenance projects and carry out game counts, herd monitoring, maintenance, reforestation projects and work on the farm.

Social Impact

Our vision is long term wildlife management, focusing on the breeding and release of the black rhino, and sustainable living. We believe that rural communities and wildlife programmes can successfully live together side by side only by working together. All our volunteers spend time in the local community to understand the pressures they face and how this in turn affects our conservation efforts.

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Jane Palmer
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