JIVE is a locally run volunteer-tourism organization that brings travelers from all over the world to work together with a multitude of social projects.

About the Project

Our Name:

Jacarandá International Volunteering Experience, or simply JIVE, was inspired by the Jacarandá tree which is solid and versatile, showing that even though JIVE was founded by foreigners, our roots are here in Brazil. We want to improve the conditions for the locals by giving them a global perspective since we chose to make Rio de Janeiro our home.

Our Values:

Strive for Excellence: We are dedicated to providing our volunteers and local partners with the highest quality of support and services.

Respect and Integrity: We aim to be transparent, flexible, friendly, and treat every one and every situation with outmost respect.

Engage through Immersion: We believe in helping where help is most needed and take an integrative approach by involving our partners in identifying and implementing projects with the most impact for the community.

Our Mission

To help advance human potential and promote equality by crossing boundaries and brining people together from all over the world to work side-by-side in local communities while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.

Social Impact

We work extremely hard to bridge the gap between your volunteer work and the social experience everyone should have in Rio. At JIVE we provide you with every form of support you will need. We know how stressful it can be to travel abroad so that’s why we make sure your housing, project structure, and emotional needs are looked after throughout the duration of your stay.

We work with over 15 social projects ranging from Childcare, Teaching English, Community Development, Sports and Carnival.

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Zac Hamlin
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