Khaya Volunteer Projects

Khaya Volunteer Projects provides responsible and affordable volunteer projects. Take a gap year, work with communities and children, teach sport or work with wildlife.

About the Project

“Khaya” means village or dwelling in several African languages – but it also has a deeper meaning, that of ‘belonging’. At Khaya Volunteer Projects, we make our volunteers feel that they belong. If you choose Khaya to organize your volunteering experience, you will feel secure and well-informed. You will also feel that you belong to the project you decide to work with, as Khaya fits the right people to the right projects. Khaya Volunteer Projects will introduce you to affordable volunteer projects which have been personally chosen by or established by us. You can choose from a number of viable, sustainable, rewarding ventures: working with children, healthcare, sports development, education, conservation, animals – whatever you can think of, that project wants and needs your time and energy! Our mission is simple but resonant: Khaya Volunteer Projects provides volunteering opportunities for international travellers that are both unique and as affordable as possible with high standards of service and facilities. Needless to say, we also prioritise our selected volunteer projects’ needs in ways that benefit both project and you, the volunteer.

Social Impact

Khaya Volunteer projects strives to create employment in Africa by employing local people at several of our projects and giving them much-needed income opportunities.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Martijn van der Put
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
The whole group together! Volunteer sports coach Youth association centre Tennis Community volunteering Africa Teaching English You don't have to go to the hairdresser anymore Playing outside during lunchbreak! Portrait photo Teaching children Teaching Together with the kids! Sports day Releasing penguins Cleaning the penguin enclosure Getting close with the penguins! Cleaning an oiled penguin Penguin rehabilitation Reading session with the kids Smile! Group pic Patient Helene in Zanzibar with a baby Assisting Medical nurse Weighing babies will be one of your jobs! Hospital room Assisting Game drive Community outreach Annual christmas party Introduction Volunteering Making new friends Enjoying snacks outdoors Helping the kids in the hospitals Preparing some food parcels! After school program All want to be picked up. Working hard! Lovely Pic All together! Our South Africa crew Group volunteering Reading session Volunteering at preschool! Bread and cookies Painting! Learning outside One of the activities closeby! Womens association Helping the children Building furniture The community Volunteer with the children Playing with cheetah cubs Personal interaction Thirsty Hunting Walking with cheetahs Cheetah Watching cheetahs One of the Big5 Moving lions Rhino's Giraffe! Group pic! With the whole class Traditional clothing Day outing volunteers Arusha With the locals

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