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LCQC is an official Peruvian NGO that helps disadvantaged kids develop their self-esteem through educational workshops in English, art and cultural exchange in schools.

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About La Comunidad Que Construimos

LCQC was founded in 2013 because too many children who have very low self-esteem have an increased chance of becoming involved in drugs and crime, but also of suffering from anxiety and depression.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide both children and their families with the tools they need to develop their skill set so that they can create their own future and end the cycle of poverty that resides in Trujillo.

We provide poor local state schools with volunteer English teachers so schoolkids receive the education they deserve, according to the national curriculum. Our volunteers teach English classes, run educational, art and P.E. workshops centered around self-esteem and personal development so these kids can become actors of their own future.

We work closely with headteachers and primary school teachers in order to assist adults and kids alike at best. We also offer kids the opportunity to take part in an after-school program for a full on-going support on our part and a skating program in collaboration with our non-profit partner Concrete Jungle Foundation.

Our Volunteer Philosophy

Our volunteer philosophy is different from most Western non-profits. While we operate with the help of international volunteers, we seek to create a space in which our Young Leaders, the Peruvian youth, and our volunteers are equal. Both groups participate in a cultural intercambio, or exchange, by learning from one another. Our volunteers teach workshops with our Young Leaders, helping them to master new skills and abilities. In turn, our Young Leaders teach our volunteers all about the cultural richness that Peru has to offer! It is our belief that by focusing on self-esteem building and empowerment with youth we can help equip our Young Leaders with the confidence and positive self-image needed to take control of their own futures, and to be the next generation of change-makers in their own communities.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo
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Social Impact

Our help is incredibly needed. Unfortunately these schools are currently unable to comply with the national curriculum: the teachers are not qualified/able to teach English.

Thanks to the help of our volunteers, we are able to provide invaluable support to the teaching team. Down the line, the kids also greatly benefit from our intervention and our self-esteem workshops.

We aim to create a platform for cultural exchange between our volunteers and the schoolkids, as well as their families, which promotes interaction, social behaviour, respect and personal development, all in English.

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