Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust was set up in 2007 to help protect the wildlife & habitats of Malawi.

About the Project

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust was set up in 2007 as Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary and LWTs founding project. Accredited by PASA and the Born Free Foundation we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of animal care. There are just under 200 animals currently in residence, including birds, reptiles, carnivores, primates and antelope. Many were rescued as orphans and victims of the illegal pet and bushmeat trade. Others have sustained injuries ranging from being caught in snares, hit by cars or stoned.

As habitats are disappearing, wild animals are losing their homes and human-wildlife conflict is increasing. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust offer a lifeline to these wild animals in distress, saving the lives of individual animals and wherever possible releasing them back in the wild where they belong. Those that can’t be released live in large natural enclosures where they can roam freely.

Thanks to our vet clinic, orphan care centre and experienced animal care team supported by volunteers we can handle the majority of intakes on site. Our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit is also available for cases around the country that require attention, such as elephants or rhino.

Social Impact

Over 30,000 school children are participating in the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust education programmes, and we are empowering communities through our sustainable livelihoods outreach programmes. We are furthering the cause of wildlife science and conservation through our research programmes, we have been appointed as the lead organisation for the country’s illegal wildlife trade assessment feeding into an international task force and we’re raising the profile of Malawi’s wildlife.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Kate Moore
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Bella & Simba, our resident lions

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