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Live4now is an organisation which oversees meaningful volunteering in wildlife conservation and provides an all-inclusive package for volunteers.

Live4now is an organisation which oversees meaningful volunteering in South Africa and provides an all-inclusive package for volunteers. Our wildlife volunteering focuses on helping in wildlife conservation. The majority of the volunteering will take place on a Big 4 game reserve.

We provide a unique experience to volunteers by combining volunteering with many exciting activities which include game drives, a hippo and croc river tour, a visit to a big cat rehabilitation centre, hikes, trips to the beach and local towns amongst others.

Our personal service, the quality of the activities, the excellent accommodation we offer and the well-managed, meaningful structure of our volunteering projects will make this an experience you will never forget.

Live4now is an organisation which prides itself in making sure our guests have the best possible stay with us. We will be with you from airport pick-up to drop-off, offering guidance and support throughout your experience, making it as meaningful and rewarding as possible.

We will go out of our way to make sure you see as much as possible of the beautiful area in which Live4now is located, boasting safari parks, amazing landscapes, good weather all year round, a wild coastline and a true view of rural South Africa and its interesting history

All of the activities we offer are included in the cost to help make it easy to budget for the trip with no unexpected costs.

Live4now is all about making a difference in life by sharing a culture of helping others and seizing the moment to enjoy the beautiful world we live in, together.

Why choose South Africa

South Africa is a country with a troubled past which has caused a big division between the rich minority and the extremely poor majority. South Africa has a spirit of determination to create equality for all its people, but to make this a reality it needs all the help it can get. This is where you come in. You can make a difference and any help you can give is valuable; whether it be helping in the poor communities or giving a wild animal a second chance in life. The people of South Africa will make you feel so welcome and valued and this will lead to an extremely rewarding experience for you.

South Africa is an extremely beautiful country with a fascinating history, nothing compares to its exquisite landscapes and its friendly people. It is known as the Rainbow Nation because of the many cultures that come together as one.

There is something so special about South Africa. There is a certain feeling you get that cannot be put into words, you will need to come and experience it for yourself...

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Melissa du Plooy
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Social Impact

Live4now wildlife volunteering focuses on helping in wildlife conservation. The majority of the volunteering will take place on a Big 4 game reserve where we have many rhino, leopard, buffalo and elephants. You will assist Live4now in the tracking and monitoring of these animals as it is vital for the reserve to understand their movements and behaviours. You will have the opportunity to get close to these amazing animals on a daily basis and in turn learn a great deal about them.

Why we are doing this

The name Live4now emphasises what we are all about. We believe people have an inherent feeling that they should be doing good in the world but so many people go through life taking the easy route and never follow their dreams. We want to help them realise who they are and why they are here and possibly inspire them to live their lives to the full. Living for now and not to waiting until it’s too late. Helping others is such a rewarding experience and we hope the volunteers take what they have experienced back with them, and in turn influence those around them in their everyday lives.

As we grew up in South Africa we saw how the poverty and hardship people suffer effects not only themselves but also the environment in which they live. The fact that there are so many people out there that can make a difference, but choose not to, is a very frustrating thought. Animals often suffer at the hand of cruel people and poachers. The animals in Africa are so amazing and many fear that if there is not a change in people’s attitudes towards animals we could lose species such as the rhino, forever. So we felt it was time for us to help.

We are very passionate about South Africa and want to be part of making it a better country for its people and its amazing wildlife to live in.

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